The Tribunal, Glastonbury

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Coordinates: 51°08′46″N 2°42′35″W / 51.1462°N 2.7098°W / 51.1462; -2.7098

The Tribunal
Glastonbury Tribunal 2.jpg
The Tribunal, Glastonbury is located in Somerset
The Tribunal, Glastonbury
Location within Somerset
General information
Town or city Glastonbury
Country England
Coordinates 51°08′46″N 2°42′35″W / 51.1462°N 2.7098°W / 51.1462; -2.7098
Construction started 15th century
Completed 16th century

The Tribunal in Glastonbury, Somerset, England, was built in the 15th century as a medieval merchant's house. It has been designated as a Grade I listed building.[1][2]


The house owes its name to the fact that it was formerly mistakenly identified with the Abbey’s tribunals, where secular justice was administered,[3] for Glaston Twelve Hides.[4] It was also thought to be the site of trials by Judge Jeffreys for the Bloody Assizes after the Monmouth Rebellion.[2]

In the 16th century a new facade was added to the original building.[3] The door is original and above it are a Tudor rose[2] and the arms of Richard Beere who was Abbot of Glastonbury from 1493 to 1524.[5]

It is now in the guardianship of English Heritage and managed by Glastonbury Tribunal Ltd.

Glastonbury Lake Village Museum[edit]

The Tribunal now houses the Glastonbury Lake Village Museum containing Iron Age possessions and works of art from the Glastonbury Lake Village which were preserved in almost perfect condition in the peat after the village was abandoned. The museum is run by the Glastonbury Antiquarian Society.[6]

The building also houses the tourist information centre.[7]

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