The Tribute

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The Tribute
Compilation album
Released 2005
Genre Black metal
Label Ash Nazg / Perverted Taste

The Tribute is a compilation album, released by Ash Nazg and Perverted Taste Productions, features covers of songs by the black metal band Burzum.

Track listing[edit]

All songs originally by Burzum

  1. Veil - Ea, Lord of the Depths
  2. Xasthur - Erblicket die Töchter des Firmaments
  3. Ulfsdalir - Ein verlorener vergessener trauriger Geist
  4. Kältetod - Bálferð Baldrs
  5. Funeral Procession - Der Ruf aus dem Turm
  6. Forefather - Beholding the Daughters of the Firmament
  7. Wolfsmond - Ea, Lord of the Depths
  8. Throndt - Jesus' Tod
  9. Nox Pestes - Verlorene Weisheit
  10. Antiphrasis - Ea, Lord of the Depths
  11. Arkenstone - Lost Wisdom

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