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The True Patriot Network (TPN) is an American political action organization. It was founded in 2007. TPN is located in Seattle, Washington.


TPN was founded in 2007 in Seattle, Washington by Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer. The group is based upon their 2007 book, The True Patriot [1]. The authors define true patriotism as country above self and explain how patriotism is lived every day in service to others, stewardship of resources, shared sacrifice, and other progressive values.

The organization aims to connect other progressive Americans, who are interested in changing politics and culture.

Statement of purpose[edit]

Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer wanted TPN to bring people more in line with the progressive patriotic values they set forth in their book.(From [2].) TPN hopes to do so through public events, publishing projects, educational ventures, creative contests, and online communities. (From [3].)

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