The Turning Point (1952 film)

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The Turning Point
The Turning Point.JPG
Theatrical release poster
Directed by William Dieterle
Produced by Irving Asher
Written by Warren Duff
Horace McCoy (story)
Starring William Holden
Edmond O'Brien
Alexis Smith
Cinematography Lionel Lindon
Editing by George Tomasini
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release dates November 15, 1952 (US)
Running time 85 min
Language English

The Turning Point is a 1952 crime syndicate drama starring William Holden and Edmond O'Brien. It is based on Horace McCoy's novel Storm in the City and inspired by the Kefauver Committee hearings.


John Conroy, a crusading district attorney, is tasked to crack down on a crime syndicate, which proves more dangerous because the mob has many city officials under their control. He is assisted by a newspaper man, Jerry McKibbon, who does not think Conroy is tough enough to handle this almost impossible assignment. McKibbon finds his efforts are also compromised by political corruption.

McKibbon is eventually shot down by an out-of-town assassin who was hired to kill him at a boxing match.

The film is not related to the 1977 ballet drama The Turning Point.

Featured cast[edit]

Actor Role
William Holden Jerry McKibbon
Edmond O'Brien John Conroy
Alexis Smith Amanda Waycross
Tom Tully Matt Conroy
Ed Begley Neil Eichelberger

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