The Tuss

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The Tuss
Origin Cornwall, United Kingdom
Genres Acid techno
Years active 2007–present
Labels Rephlex Records
Website Rephlex Records
Members Richard D. James

The Tuss is an electronic music group purportedly consisting of British musicians Brian Tregaskin and Karen Tregaskin.[1] So far there has been an EP and a mini-LP released by The Tuss on Rephlex Records. However, evidence suggested that the releases were actually the work of Richard D. James with possible uncredited collaborators who are currently unknown; these claims were substantiated in interviews before the Aphex Twin album Syro. [2]

Aphex Twin: Speculation, Denial, Confirmation[edit]

The Guardian newspaper printed rumours that The Tuss is a possible pseudonym of Aphex Twin (see Aphex Twin's discography), or a collaboration featuring him. A newsletter from Warp comparing Confederation Trough's sound to that of an Analord release along with an article in The Guardian supports the theory that The Tuss is Richard D. James.[1] The use of a Yamaha GX1, an exceptionally rare and expensive (even at the time of release) analog synthesizer[3] also seems to suggest that Brian or Karen Tregaskin is Aphex Twin, as he is one of the few owners of such a synthesizer in the United Kingdom.[1] James also played a track from Rushup Edge during live sets in Mayrhofen, Austria, and Turin, Italy, in 2005 and in Manchester (two years before the release of Rushup Edge), although he played tracks by Squarepusher, Cylob, and Luke Vibert live as well.[1]

Further evidence that Richard D. James is at least a member of The Tuss is provided by the fact that all Tuss tracks are published in the BMI Repertoire under the name JAMES RICHARD DAVID (BMI).[2] For example, the track "Alspacka" from the Confederation Trough EP has JAMES RICHARD DAVID listed as the Songwriter/Composer.[4]

Additionally, the digital releases sold on the Rephlex website are tagged with Richard D. James as the composer. In a 2001 interview, Richard D. James has commented on the ambiguous nature of his own releases and the speculation that surrounds many anonymous artists working in electronica: "a lot of people think everything electronic is mine. I get credited for so many things, it's incredible. I'm practically everyone, I reckon—everyone and nobody".[5]

Rephlex's co-founder, Grant Wilson-Claridge, stated in an e-mail interview that The Tuss is not Richard D. James. He also said:

People seem more interested in speculation and celebrity than content, quality or music. Be careful you don't miss something really great that isn't really famous.[6]

In a 2014 interview with Dutch magazine OOR he confirmed, that he was, in fact, The Tuss, by saying he had previously been busy "recording two EPs as The Tuss"[7]



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