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The UEFA Plaque is an honorary recognition given by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) to Italian side Juventus Football Club when they won all three major UEFA competitions, namely the European Champions Clubs’ Cup or Champions League, Cup Winners' Cup and UEFA Cup or Europa League[1] (first team in European football history to do so).[2]

The award consists of a rectangular silver plaque on which are superimposed three trophies that represent the tournaments mentioned, above a laurel wreath and the European football government body badge.[3][4][5] Also, the plaque have the following inscription:

On 12 July 1988, at the beginning of the 1988–89 European competitions seeding held in Geneva (Switzerland), former UEFA president Jacques Georges presented the prize for the first time[7] to Juventus chairman Giampiero Boniperti.[8]

Four years later, in May 1992, after win the European Champions' Cup, the then FC Barcelona president, Josep Lluís Núñez claims UEFA a similar recognition saying his club had equaled the Juventus record having won formerly the Cup Winners Cup and the UEFA Cup. The European football's governing body rejected it because Catalan club had never won the UEFA Cup and the body does not recognise as official competition his predecessor, the Fairs Cup.[9]

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