The Ultimate Collection (Jump5 album)

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Greatest Hits
Greatest hits album by Jump5
Released April 7, 2009
Recorded 2001-2005
Genre Contemporary Christian, pop, pop rock
Label Sparrow
Jump5 chronology
Greatest Hits
The Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection is a compilation album by Christian pop group Jump5, released on April 7, 2009.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Spinnin' Around"   Mark Hammond, Grant Cunningham, Stephanie Lewis 3:39
2. "All I Can Do"   Billy Chapin, Linda Elias, Chris Omartian 3:11
3. "We Are Family"   Bernard Edwards, Nile Rodgers 3:39
4. "Walking on Sunshine"   Kimberly Rew 4:04
5. "Friends"   Deborah D. Smith, Michael W. Smith 3:45
6. "Wonderful"   Kevin Cyka, Dan Needham, Lynn Nichols 3:19
7. "Do Ya"   Michelle Tumes 3:09
8. "Shining Star"   Philip Bailey, Larry Dunn, Maurice White 3:17
9. "Beautiful to Me"   Ian Eskelin, Barry Weeks 2:52
10. "Summer Song"   Tumes 3:37
11. "God Bless the USA"   Lee Greenwood 3:20
12. "Just a Dream"   Sam Mizell 3:17

Disc two[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Throw Your Hands Up"   Mark Pennells, Zarc Porter 3:13
2. "I've Got the Music in Me"   Tobias Boshell 3:49
3. "Dance with Me"   Chapin, Elias, Omartian 2:44
4. "In My Heart"   Stuart Brawley, Tumes 2:36
5. "It's a Beautiful World"   Antonina Amato, Rob Cavallo, Tim James 3:38
6. "Virtual Reality"   David Browning 3:31
7. "Don't Run Away"   Cyka, Needham 3:32
8. "Dreaming in Color"   Steve Diamond, Hammond, Michael Ripoll 3:23
9. "Why Do I Do"   Chrissy Conway, Alisa Girard, Lynn Nichols, Kristin Swinford, Tedd Tjornhom 3:21
10. "Wish That I Could Read Your Mind"   Cunningham, Bob Halligan, Jr., Tedd Tjornhom 3:49
11. "Joy to the World"   Isaac Watts 3:36
12. "Change a Heart, Change the World"   Brown Bannister, Jess Cates, Cunningham, Dan Muckala 4:22