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The Underground HK is an independent music showcase in Hong Kong to promote live original music. It has hosted over 100 shows featuring more than 300 bands in Hong Kong,[1][2] Shenzhen and Macau[3] since April 2004.


The Underground HK hosts a number of shows under different themes, catering to different music styles. Some of these show series include:[4]

  • Girls with Guitars
  • Heavy
  • Electronica


Compilations CDs[edit]

The Underground HK has released several compilations CDs of local Hong Kong bands that have previously played at its shows.[5]


Local Bands[edit]

Local Hong Kong bands who have appeared at The Underground HK include:

International acts[edit]

The Underground HK also includes foreign bands into its shows on occasion; some foreign bands that have played for The Underground HK include:

  • Capitan Tifus (Argentina) [12]
  • Community Trust (Japan) [13]
  • The Damned (England) [14]
  • Daniel Martin (Denmark)[15]
  • Dada Ante Portas (Switzerland)[16]
  • Even Today (Japan)[17]
  • Forget the G (Macau)[18]
  • FourteenBirds (UK)[19]
  • The Medullary Paralysis (Italy)[20]
  • Pairs (Shanghai 上海)[21]
  • Peabody (Australia)[22]
  • Piledriver (Philippines)[23]
  • Rancour (Singapore)[24]
  • Red Rain (New Zealand)[25]
  • The Shadow (USA) [26]

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