The Uninvited (soundtrack)

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The Uninvited
Film score by Christopher Young
Released February 10, 2009
Genre Soundtracks
Film scores
Length 48:43
Label Lakeshore Records

This is the soundtrack to the US horror remake The Uninvited. Its original score was composed by Christopher Young.

Track listing[edit]

US edition[1]
  1. The Uninvited
  2. Twice Told
  3. At A Party
  4. Glass Act
  5. Bloody Milk
  6. Christmas Corpse
  7. Pairs In Love
  8. Terror in the Water
  9. Twined Nightmares
  10. Cries Of Love
  11. Working Dreams
  12. The Screaming Bell
  13. What Have You Done . . .
  14. A Dance With No One
  15. Sisters Anyways


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