The University School for Gifted and Talented Children at the University of Tulsa

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The University School at The University of Tulsa

The University School was founded in the spring of 1982 on The University of Tulsa campus. The current two-story building is approximately 30,000 square feet (2,800 m2). The school has two outdoor play areas and a Butterfly Garden. The purpose of the school is 1) to serve the educational needs of gifted students from age 3 through 8th grade and 2) to serve as a national model of outstanding gifted education. The administrators of the school are Dr. Pat Hollingsworth, Director; Gina Lewis, Assistant Director of Curriculum and Finance; Debra Price, Assistant Director of Administration and Admissions; Shelly McCollum, Communications Coordinator; and Linda Bolin, Assistant Systems Administrator. There is a faculty of approximately 45 teachers. With approximately 225 students, University School has about one teacher for every five students.

University School focuses on teaching students to learn to work hard and to develop both academic and creative potential. Students do both the individualized Kumon mathematics, as well as, Saxon math. Both help them develop excellent math skills. All students take both Spanish and Chinese, as well as, music, art, physical education,library, and computers. All 5th through 8th graders play a band instrument and are in a school band. Students from kindergarten through 8th grade are involved in hands-on science that prepares them well for high school. Language arts are emphasized and all students from kindergarten and older are involved in various types of reading and writing.

One unique feature is the SAILS Curriculum which was written and developed by University School faculty. It is a humanities course of western civilization that covers the art and architecture from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Middle Ages, Renaisssance, Baroque,Neoclassical, and Romantic time periods. Students learn about individual artists and to compare and contrast the various time periods.

Five important features of University School are: 1. A curriculum that provides an ascending spiral of knowledge 2. Great emphasis on effort and hard work 3. Students learn interpersonal life skills 4. Students are involve in creative active learning 5. The school has both an interdisciplinary and international focus.

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