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The University Women's Club is a society club founded in 1883. As the popular gentlemen's clubs did not accept any women as members, its creation was intended to provide an equivalent club accessible to women. By its own definition, it is a club for "graduate and professional women of varied backgrounds and interests." The members include lawyers, scientists, writers and musicians, as well as businesswomen.

The club house is located in Audley Square, Mayfair, London, England.

The club was founded in 1883 by Gertrude Jackson of Girton College, Cambridge. In January 1887, the (then) University Club for Ladies opened its premises at 31 Bond Street. By 1894, the location was not large enough to serve the purposes of the growing club and it expanded by moving to new premises at Maddox Street. By 1904, the Club had moved to 4 George Street, Hanover Square where a number of bedrooms were available and by 1913, membership had grown to 800 members. The club now has almost 1,200 members.

After the Great War, the Club was again looking for new premises and, after a lengthy search, the freehold of 2 Audley Square — the Club's permanent home today — was purchased in 1921. At the same time, the Club adopted its current name, The University Women's Club.

Today, the University Women's Club is the only women's club in the UK to be wholly owned and managed by its Members. It remains true to the aspirations of its founders by providing a welcoming environment and pleasant accommodation in central London for graduate, professional and business women.

Its event schedule includes many dinners and other social events, but it is also a place where one can relax away from the troubles of modern city life.

The University Women's Club also has close ties with the East India Club. They occasionally co-organise functions for members of both clubs.

As of 2009, the membership subscription costs between £412 and £485 per year, with a £100-219 rate for younger members. The entrance fee is an additional £150[1].

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