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The Vache is an estate near Chalfont St. Giles in Buckinghamshire.

The Vache was the family seat of the Fleetwood family. In 1660 George Fleetwood was found guilty of the regicide of King Charles I in January 1649, and although his life was spared, his estate of The Vache was confiscated and given to the then Duke of York, the future King James II.[1]

The Vache is the site of monument to Captain James Cook erected by Admiral Hugh Palliser, a one time owner of the estate.[2] The monument consists of a globe on a plinth. Encribed on the plinth

'To the memory of Captain James Cook/the ablest and most renowned Navigator this or any country hath produced', 'He raised himself solely by his merit/from a very obscure birth, to the rank/of a Post Captain in the Royal Navy,and/was unfortunately killed by the Savages/of the island Owhyee on the 14th of/February 1779 ...[2]

Cook frequently visited the estate and named a South Sea island Vache Island.[3]


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Coordinates: 51°38′24″N 0°33′42″W / 51.6401°N 0.5618°W / 51.6401; -0.5618