The Valiant (1962 film)

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The Valiant
"The Valiant" (1962).jpg
British quad poster
Directed by Roy Ward Baker
Produced by Jon Penington
Written by Play L'Equipage au complet
Robert Mallet
Giorgio Capitani
Franca Caprino
Robert Mallet
Willis Hall
Keith Waterhouse
Starring John Mills
Ettore Manni
Roberto Risso
Music by Christopher Whelen
Cinematography Wilkie Cooper
Edited by Lea Pardo
John Pomeroy
Euro International Film (EIA)
Distributed by United Artists Corporation (UK)
Release dates
4 January 1962
Running time
100 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Valiant is a 1962 film directed by Roy Ward Baker, and starring John Mills, Ettore Manni, Roberto Risso, Robert Shaw, and Liam Redmond. It is based on the Italian manned torpedo attack which seriously damaged the two British battleships Valiant and Queen Elizabeth and the oil tank Sagona at the port of Alexandria in December 1941.

The film had a Royal Gala Premiere on 4 January 1962 at the Odeon Leicester Square in the presence of H.R.H. The Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent.[1]


Alexandria December, 1941. Two Italian frogmen are captured under suspicion of placing a mine under the HMS Valiant. They are brought onto the ship for questioning.


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My father Trevor Williams took an active role with regards to the captive Italians, what he told me was a call went out for anyone who could speak Italian for there was nobody on board to communicate with the captured Italians. The only one on board who could communicate was my father. He told the officer that he did not speak Italian or French but could write French, so whoever was in charge got my father to write a question using French and one of the Italians could understand what was being written and replied also writing French and my father translated. If anyone out there would like to contact me please do so. Posted by son Alan Williams In fact, the Italians that were captured warned the commander but they refused to believe they were about to be defeated. They Italians were returned to the captured quarters and fortunately, survived the blast.


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