The Valves

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The Valves
The Valves.jpg
Publicity photo taken by Paul Slatterly, circa 1977
Background information
Origin Edinburgh, Scotland
Genres Punk rock
Years active 1977–1979
Labels Zoom, Albion
Members Dave Robertson - vocals
Ronnie Mackinnon - Guitar
Gordon Scott - Bass
Gordon Dair - Drums

The Valves were one of the early punk groups from Edinburgh, Scotland. The band, chronicled in Henrik Poulsen's book 77: The Year of Punk and New Wave, featured Dave Robertson as Dee Robot on vocals, G. Dair / Teddy Dair aka Gordon Dair on drums, Gordon Scott or Pada on bass guitar and Ronnie Mackinnon on guitar. The band was originally called Angel Easy and were a pub rock group.[1][2]

The Valves released three singles and then broke up in 1979, with most of the members quitting the music business.[1]


  • Dee Robot (Dave Robertson) - vocals
  • Ronnie Valve (Ronnie Mackinnon) - Guitar
  • Pada Valve (Gordon Scott) - Bass
  • Gordon Valve / Teddy (Gordon Dair) - Drums


  • "Robot Love" / "For Adolfs Only" (Zoom - September 1977)
  • "Ain't No Surf in Portobello" / "Tarzan of the Kings Road" (Zoom - December 1977)
  • "It Don't Mean Nothing At All" / "Linda Vindaloo" (Albion - June 1979)


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