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Jump to: navigation, search (The Vatican Today) is a news information portal provided by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications[1] which "aggregate[s] information from the Vatican’s various print, online, radio and television media in a one-stop shop for news about the Holy See.".[2]

The site was launched on June 27, 2011.[3] launched The Pope App in January 2013.[4]

The Menu on the site consists of links to various Catholic social media options, such as:

  • Fides News Agency - the information service reporting news which has taken place all over the world,
  • L’Observatore Romano - Vatican newspaper which pre
  • sents papal texts and documents of the Holy See in a documentary and journalistic style, Press Office of the Holy See - daily news, documentation, Vatican information service and logistical information,
  • VIS - shares recent Vatican City news in reverse chronological order,
  • Vatican Radio - a mean of communication which serves the ministry of the Pope and reports news from the Vatican, the church and from the rest of the world,
  • CTV - the Vatican Television Center which aims to spread the Gospel by documenting the Pope’s pastoral ministry and the activities from the Holy See,
  • a link named “From the Pope” - takes the visitor to the official Vatican website.


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