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Coordinates: 27°04′25″N 81°25′51″W / 27.073667°N 81.43079°W / 27.073667; -81.43079

The Venus Project
The Venus Project logo and wordmark.svg
The Venus Project logo
Motto Beyond Politics Poverty and War
Formation 1995; 20 years ago (1995)
Type For-profit corporation
Purpose 'Redesign of culture'
Key people
Futurist Jacque Fresco (right) with Roxanne Meadows

The Venus Project corporation was incorporated by Jacque Fresco in 1995 to advocate a theoretical economic system, what it calls a resource-based economy. This idea has versions of sustainable development, energy efficiency, natural resource management, and advanced automation in a global construct.[citation needed]

The design studio at the research center in Venus, Florida

As of 2011 Fresco lectured and gave tours of the Venus Project location.[1]

The 2011 documentary-style films Zeitgeist: Addendum[2] and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward focus on ideas from the Venus Project though the two groups split from each other as far as supporting one another after the movies mentioned were made.[3]


The Venus Project was founded in 1995 as a for-profit corporation by Fresco and Roxanne Meadows in Venus, Florida.[4]

A separate, nonprofit organization started by Fresco and his business partner Roxanne Meadows is Future By Design, founded in 2003.[5][clarification needed]

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