The Very Best of Bucks Fizz

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The Very Best of Bucks Fizz
Greatest hits album by Bucks Fizz
Released 14 May 2007
Genre Pop
Label Sony/BMG
Bucks Fizz chronology
The Lost Masters
The Very Best of Bucks Fizz
The Lost Masters 2 - The Final Cut
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars [1]

The Very Best of Bucks Fizz is a compilation album of the hits of pop group Bucks Fizz. The album was released in 2007 and was coupled with a DVD of the group's Promotional Videos. This was the first time the group's videos had been available on DVD. The album reached No.40 in the UK Charts - the first time Bucks Fizz had appeared on the album charts since 1986.[2][3] Allmusic gave the album a favourable three and a half stars out of five, but commented on the fact that Bucks Fizz were always more successful as a singles band.[4] A review in the Nottingham Post bemoaned the fact that while Bucks Fizz are usually remembered for their Eurovision winner, their later songs were much better, naming "My Camera Never Lies", "I Hear Talk" and "New Beginning" as particularly strong.[5]

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Making Your Mind Up" Hill / Danter
  2. "The Land of Make Believe" Hill / Sinfield
  3. "Piece of the Action" Hill
  4. "One of Those Nights" Glen / Burns / Most
  5. "My Camera Never Lies" Hill / Martin
  6. "Now Those Days Are Gone" Hill / Martin
  7. "If You Can't Stand the Heat" Hill / Bairnson
  8. "Run for Your Life" Hill / Bairnson
  9. "London Town" Hill
  10. "I Hear Talk" Hill / Sinfield
  11. "Talking in Your Sleep" Marinos / Skill / Palmer / Solley / Canler
  12. "Golden Days" Britten / Shifrin
  13. "You and Your Heart so Blue" Hill / Sinfield
  14. "New Beginning (Mamba Seyra)" Myers / Gibber
  15. "Love the One You're With" Stills
  16. "Keep Each Other Warm" Hill / Sinfield
  17. "Heart of Stone" Hill / Sinfield
  18. "When We Were Young" Bacall


Same track listing as above, but minus "One of Those Nights".


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