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The Vienna Review is a monthly English language newspaper based in Vienna, Austria, available in print and online. It covers politics, culture, business, travel and events that affect Vienna and the Central and Eastern European Region. Published 10 times a year by the Vienna Review Publishing GmbH, part of the Falter Verlagsgesellschaft mbH. Contributors to The Vienna Review include writing professionals, academics from think tanks in the area and the paper is a member of Project Syndicate, the Prague-based sydication service supported by the Open Society Institute.

The editor in chief and publisher is Dardis McNamee, Director of the Vienna Journalism Institute. The paper's target audience is the permanent English-speaking community in Austria and Central Europe as well as expatriates and tourists. Although Vienna is the focus, the paper makes use of Austria's Central European location in covering both Western and Eastern European news and events, and seeks to provide a voice and a forum for Vienna’s international community.

The Vienna Review has a circulation of about 10,000 copies per month and is available by subscription, at public newsstands, in coffee houses, hotels and such places, and on several airlines.

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