The Vise

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The Vise
Petula Clark in The Vise
Country of origin  United States
United Kingdom
Producer(s) The Danzigers
Running time 30 minutes
Original run 1955 – 1957

The Vise is a half-hour dramatic anthology television series which aired at 9:30 p.m. EST on Fridays on ABC from December 1955 to June 1957.[1]

Produced in London and hosted by Australian actor Ron Randell, the suspense series depicted people unwittingly trapped in "the vise" of fate due to their own actions, usually of a criminal nature. Each episode boasted a different cast and was an entity unto itself. Donald Gray, a native of South Africa, played the title role of private detective Mark Saber.

In 1957, The Vise was altered and moved from ABC to NBC under the title Saber of London, with Gray still in the lead role.

Petula Clark, Honor Blackman, and Patrick McGoohan - at the time all unknown in the States - were among those who appeared on the show.


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