The Vision (film)

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The Vision
Genre science fiction
Directed by Norman Stone
Produced by David M. Thompson
Written by William Nicholson
Starring Dirk Bogarde
Helena Bonham Carter
Lee Remick
Lynda Bellingham
Philip O'Brien
Music by Bill Connor
Country  United Kingdom
Language English
Original channel BBC Two
Release date 9 January 1988

The Vision is a British television movie which had its first showing on 9 January 1988 on BBC1. The film was written by William Nicholson and directed by Norman Stone. It starred Dirk Bogarde and Helena Bonham Carter. It was episode 1 of the fourth series of Screen Two.

Filming locations included The Exchange, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom. The film was the main feature on the front cover of the Radio Times when it was first shown.


A sinister cult uses a new television station to create a new European order. Dirk Bogarde plays a has-been UK TV personality hired to front the organisation but grows uneasy about its aims. At the end of the film, he attempts to warn the television audience about the dangers they face during the station's first transmission. But he fails to realise that recorded footage is being played during his "live" broadcast. He only realises when he is escorted from the studio by a stony-faced security guard and sees on the television monitors the (innocuous) beginning of his broadcast followed by a swift cut to his interviewer who thanks him for his contribution and then announces the showing of their first film, Back to the Future.


Bill Connor wrote the original music for the film.

The film features the sound track Watch the Skies by Ken Howard.


The film starred Dirk Bogarde and Helena Bonham Carter.

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