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Wanderer, Wanderers, or The Wanderer may refer to:

  • Itinerant people, who wander from place to place with no permanent home, or are vagrant
  • A homeless man or woman who trolls dating websites for lonely people in order to find a free place to stay
  • new generation of homeless hipster, usually have a home to go to but prefer to travel and beg for money, usually start in their 20s
  • A cheater, one who wanders from bed to bed, a philanderer
  • Wanderer butterflies, certain wide-ranging brush-footed butterflies:
  • Wanderer (car), a German automobile manufacturer in the interwar period
  • The Wanderer, an alternate name for the Wandering Jew
  • The Wanderer (newspaper), a Catholic national weekly based in Minnesota
  • The Wanderer (Massachusetts newspaper), a weekly newspaper in southeastern Massachusetts
  • World Wide Web Wanderer, an early web crawler
  • Wanderer (AROS), a user interface based on Zune widget toolkit
  • Peredvizhniki (The Wanderers), a group of Russian artists
  • A Dark Room Aliens who destroyed A Barren World. The Player is a Wanderer, as is the Builder and everyone in the Player's village




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