The War Rafts of Kron

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War Rafts of Kron
Code X7
Rules required Dungeons & Dragons
Character levels 9 - 12[1]
Campaign setting X
Authors Bruce Nesmith
First published 1984[2]
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The War Rafts of Kron (ISBN 0-88038-114-0[2]) is a 1984 adventure module for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

Plot summary[edit]

The War Rafts of Kron is an adventure that takes place both on and beneath the surface of the sea, and includes rules for underwater play.[3] The module also includes a description of the war rafts and the underwater city of Colhador.[3]

The module's introductory section details rules for events and encounters underwater.[4] The next section introduces the adventure, which presents the player characters with the reward of the own tropical island for completing the adventure, but informs the players that others have tried and failed. The players must discover who or what is responsible for raiding vessels on the High Seas, causing distress to shipping, and captured a local princess. They will travel under the waters of the Sea of Dread, which is infested by all sorts of nasty beasts.[4]

The sea-bound Minrothad Guilds hire the player characters for a delicate task. For months the sea trade routes have been raided by pirates, but their latest success stirs great political unrest, for the princess of Ierendi has disappeared on her sea voyage on one of the Guild's ships. The player characters set out to the open sea, only to fall prey to the pirates themselves. With the aid of a storm giant, they must discover the plot behind these raids, which was set both on the floating sea city of Kron and an undersea city inhabited by tritons and involves an ancient evil in the sunken city of Colhador.

Publication history[edit]

X7 The War Rafts of Kron was written by Bruce Nesmith, with a cover by Larry Elmore and interior illustrations by Jeff Butler, and was published by TSR in 1984 as a 32-page booklet with an outer folder.[3]

The associated code for The War Rafts of Kron is X7 and its TSR product code is TSR 9079.[2] This module was developed and intended for use with Dungeons & Dragon's Expert Set rules.[2][4]



Graham Staplehurst reviewed The War Rafts of Kron for White Dwarf #70, and gave it 8/10 overall, noting that the module is a "departure from the normal idea of adventuring" as it takes the characters underwater.[4] Staplehurst felt that the designers made good use of imagination and fantasy, which provides unusual and exciting play situations to last a number of sessions. Staplehurst concluded the review stating, "There is also a carefully worked out background which allows characters to move freely between encounters and work things out for themselves rather than be channelled from one to another in series. Overall, this is a worthwhile contribution to the D&D stable."[4]


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