The Wardstone Chronicles

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The Wardstone Chronicles
Author Joseph Delaney
Illustrator Patrick Arrasmith
Country UK
Language English
Publisher HarperTrophy
Greenwillow Books
Published 2004–2014
No. of books 15

The Wardstone Chronicles (published in the UK as The Spook's Apprentice and in the US as The Last Apprentice) is a dark fantasy series of books written by British author Joseph Delaney and published by Random House Publishing.[1]

Main Plot[edit]

The Wardstone Chronicles follow Thomas "Tom" Ward, the seventh son of a seventh son who is apprenticed to John Gregory to become a Spook, fighting supernatural evil in the County. Tom soon discovers that most of John's apprentices have failed for various reasons, including being killed in the process of learning how to be a Spook. As the series progresses the focus shifts from Tom to other characters such as the assassin Grimalkin, and develops the plot line of Tom being destined to either save the world or destroy it.


Wardstone Chronicles/Last Apprentice[edit]

  1. The Spook's Apprentice /Revenge of the Witch
  2. The Spook's Curse /Curse of the Bane
  3. The Spook's Secret /Night of the Soul-Stealer
  4. The Spook's Battle /Attack of the Fiend
  5. The Spook's Mistake /Wrath of the Bloodeye
  6. The Spook's Sacrifice /Clash of the Demons
  7. The Spook's Nightmare /Rise of the Huntress
  8. The Spook's Destiny /Rage of The Fallen
  9. Spook's: I Am Grimalkin /The Witch Assassin
  10. The Spook's Blood /Lure of the Dead
  11. Spook's: Slither's Tale /Slither
  12. Spook's: Alice /I Am Alice
  13. The Spook's Revenge /Fury of The Seventh Son

Starblade Chronicles[edit]

  1. A New Darkness

Additional books[edit]


Noteworthy about the books are the reoccurring black and white illustrations by Patrick Arrasmith resembling wood engravings that precede every chapter.[2]


  • Thomas Ward, apprentice to John Gregory and the seventh son of a seventh son.
  • John Gregory, a prolific Spook that mentors Thomas.
  • Alice Deane, a witch who becomes Tom's closest friend.
  • Mam, Tom's mysterious mother.
  • Bill Arkwright, the Spook of the county north of Caster, and a previous apprentice of John Gregory.
  • Grimalkin, a witch assassin that formed an alliance with the spooks to destroy the fiend.
  • John Ward, Tom's father, who saved his mam.
  • Tibb, The mysterious creature of the dark who can see into future.
  • Morgan, The necromancer who tried to summon Gogolth.
  • Meg Skelton, The mysterious witch that lives in the Spook's winter house in Anglezarke.
  • The Fiend, The "Devil".


Critical reception for the series has been positive,[3][4] with two of the books in the series making the ALSC's 2006 list of "Notable Videos/DVDs, Recordings, Software, and Subscription Services" and the YALSA's list of "Fabulous Films & Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults" for 2009.[5][6]


Further information: Seventh Son (film)

In 2010, a live-action adaptation of The Wardstone Chronicles was announced with Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures later being announced in 2011 to be holding rights to the film. Filming for the movie was due to start in September 2012, with the film having a release date of February 6, 2015 and a final title of Seventh Son.[7] Director Sergey Bodrov was announced as being attached as the director of the film, with Jeff Bridges playing the Spook, Ben Barnes as Tom, Julianne Moore as Mother Malkin, Alicia Vikander as Alice Deane, Kit Harington as Billy Bradley, and Antje Traue as Bony Lizzie.[8][9][10]


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