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This article is about the American animated series. For the Reeves and Mortimer sitcom pilot, see The Weekenders (UK TV series).
The Weekenders
From left to right: Tino, Tish, Carver, and Lor
Genre Comedy
Slice of life
Created by Doug Langdale
Starring Jason Marsden
Grey DeLisle
Phil LaMarr
Kath Soucie
Opening theme "Livin' for the Weekend" by Wayne Brady
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 39 (73 segments) (List of episodes)
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) Walt Disney Television Animation
Distributor Buena Vista Television
Original channel ABC (2000-2002)
UPN (2001)
Toon Disney (2002-2004)
Picture format 480i (4:3 SDTV)
Audio format Stereo
Original run February 26, 2000 (2000-02-26) – February 29, 2004 (2004-02-29)

The Weekenders is an American animated television series about the weekend life of four diverse 7th graders: Tino Tonitini, Lor McQuarrie, Carver Descartes, and Tish Katsufrakis, voiced by veteran cartoon voice-actors Jason Marsden, Grey DeLisle, Phil LaMarr, and Kath Soucie, respectively. It is stated at least once that the four main characters are each twelve years old.[1] The setting is the fictional town of Bahia Bay, California. The show was created by Doug Langdale, co-creator of Sony Pictures Entertainment's Project G.e.e.K.e.R., and later creator of Disney Channel's Dave the Barbarian.


The series, created by Doug Langdale, made its debut in 2000 as a part of Disney's One Saturday Morning on the American Broadcasting Company and later on Disney's One Too on Sunday mornings.[2] Later it moved to cable channel Toon Disney and aired on The Disney Channel for a short time. In Canada, it was shown on the Family Channel three times a day on weekdays.[3] In the UK, Disney Channel began airing the show exclusively on Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Sunday mornings to fit in with the basic premise (the Latin American version of Disney Channel did the same when airing the show).

The show became popular because of its distinctive animation style, and character movements were fluid. One of the points of deliberate humor by the animation was that the eyes on each character were far apart, similar perhaps to Nickelodeon's cartoon program, Rocket Power.[citation needed]

The setting takes place in Bahia Bay, which is actually based on San Diego, California where the creator lived.[4] The show's title theme (performed by Wayne Brady) was written by both Brady and Roger Neill.

TV Guide dubbed The Weekenders as "the show that killed Pokémon," because ABC stole the ratings when they aired it at 10:00 am - the same time Pokémon aired on Kids' WB. In addition, Variety (magazine) and the New York Post reported that The Weekenders took the number one rating on Saturday morning television, which knocked off Pokémon from its 54 consecutive weeks as the top spot.[5][6] The Weekenders last aired on Toon Disney in 2007.


DVD releases[edit]

US (Region 1)[edit]

The entire show is now available on DVD on two volume sets sold exclusively through the Disney Movie Club[7] and Disney Movie eBay shop,[8] which makes The Weekenders the first Disney animated television show to have a full release on DVD.[9]

DVD Name Ep # Release date
The Weekenders: Volume 1 20 March 5, 2013
The Weekenders: Volume 2 19 March 5, 2013



Tino Tonitini (voiced by Jason Marsden) is the Italian-American de facto lead character of the series. He frequently begins each episode by breaking the fourth wall, introducing himself, and describing the situation at hand. As conflict develops during the episode, he usually asks his mother for advice. Of the four main characters, Tino is considered by his friends to be the most neurotic and eccentric, making his behavior the butt of many jokes. He has an irrational fear of clowns, but is able to develop a certain degree of tolerance towards them. He is also an amateur conspiracy theorist and makes obscure references to things such as bats being able to breathe underwater.[10] Though he often does things that are considered dorky, such as playing air guitar or laughing maniacally, he has the capacity for intelligent wit and will make remarks that are subtly sarcastic. Tino usually wraps up the episode by stopping after his friends have walked off, turning the camera, and stating the moral of the story. Sometimes, other characters do this. His trademark catchphrase, often delivered as his last line bidding farewell, is "Later days!"


Lorraine "Lor" McQuarrie (voiced by Grey DeLisle) is a Scottish-American tomboy and the jock of the group. She has shoulder-length strawberry-blonde hair and often wears T-shirts and jeans. She has fourteen brothers.[11] She also is confident and assertive. Lor is an avid sports player, and she excels at both basketball and soccer. She is frequently caricatured as the "dumb jock," as many of the jokes revolve around her inability to understand things. Lor is spoiled, tough, bratty, and borderline insensitive, to the group's chagrin. She mock-threatens violence ("I'm going to pound you one!") when she is either offended or upset. Lori also enjoys eating junk food and playing video games. Even though Lor and Tish are best friends, Lori has more in common with the guys, Tino and Carver, than with Tish. Despite being tough, Lor is unable to speak coherently to boys she likes and has a crush on Thompson Oberman, a boy at school who has blue hair and wears sunglasses. She struggles in school but can earn a decent grade when she sets her mind to it. Overall, Lor is not very bright or all that kind but is indeed a true friend to her pack, always sticks by them, and shares a mutual love and respect for them.


Carver René Descartes (voiced by Phil LaMarr) is the African-American self-proclaimed "cool guy" of the group. He has a strong interest in clothes and fashion (particularly shoes). Although he appreciates spending time with his friends, Carver desperately wants to be one of the cool kids and, ultimately, to become a celebrity.[12] He is shown to be somewhat vain and annoying and can be immensely shallow and superficial: he once rejected a girl simply because she was too tall.[13] Thus the more touching moments of the show are when he is altruistic and battles his own insecurity. One of the many recurring jokes about Carver is that he secretly owns and tries on women's clothing.[14] However, he usually (albeit nervously) responds that the clothing is his sister's. Carver also has a younger brother named Todd, a toddler stuck in his terrible twos, who occasionally torments Carver and, by extension, his friends. He goes to his sister, Penny, for advice, but she frequently disregards his questions. Carver's head is often compared to a pineapple for humorous effect. Carver is sometimes noted for his horrible handwriting, which often leads to people reading words much different from his intentions. Carver's mom, sister, and brother are voiced by Cree Summer.


Petratishkovna "Tish" Katsufrakis (voiced by Kath Soucie) is the intellectual of the group and Lor's best friend. She has medium-length auburn hair, wears glasses, and dresses conservatively. She is also the most considerate of the four, as she frequently points out what is and is not offensive, and cares about people's feelings. Tish is a straight-A student, but has received at least one "B" grade, which surprised everyone and Tish herself.[15] She is also a vegetarian as she eats carrot hot dogs. Tish enjoys reading, classical music, art, and solving math problems in her head during her free time. She is the one to give advice to her best friend, Lor. She plays the dulcimer & as a fan of poetry, greatly admires William Shakespeare. Tish considers herself the most cultured of the four, and she often attempts to convince her friends to participate in high-society activities, like visiting the museum or an art show. Although it is never stated which country her family comes from, it is implied that she is of Eastern European descent and both of her parents are immigrants to the United States (possibly Ukraine, Belarus, or Russia, judging by her name first name, or Greece or Cyprus judging by her surname). Her name, "Tish," is short for Petratishkovna — which, according to her parents, means "girl with one nose". The origin of her name, as described in "Brain Dead," is the result of Tish's parents choosing to give her a name that is reflective of who she is after someone assessed Tish as a baby and deemed her unintelligent; though she was supposed to be named "Goosh" (which means "has to take off shoes to count to ten"), her parents renamed her because they realized she was intelligent in other ways.

Ms. Tonitini[edit]

Ms. Tonitini (voiced by Lisa Kaplan) is Tino Tonitini's mother. She usually is able to give helpful and insightful advice to Tino about how he should cope with his problems. She is known for her unique style of cooking and unusual meals, which are disliked by Tino and his friends. (Tino once ate a natural biodegradable pot scrubber, thinking it was a cookie she made.) From the beginning of the series, she is divorced, although she begins a relationship with Dixon. Her first name is not given throughout the entire series. She is very sarcastic, especially with Tino. She is a very easy going mother and tries to give Tino advice when needed. She is very concerned with cooking healthy meals like seaweed casserole, tofu, and other dishes that nobody likes but Tino eats even when it gives him nightmares. She also does impressions and sometimes lectures Tino.


The Weekenders has received very positive reviews from critics and fans for its solid writing, upbeat energy and multi-dimensional characters.[16] It has an 8.5/10 rating on IMDB and similarly maintains an 8.7/10[17] on[18]


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