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The Weekly Week was a satirical tabloid newspaper published bi-weekly in the Boston area from Fall 1997 to Spring 1999, with a free circulation of 25,000. Billing itself "Boston's Only Redundant News Source for News" and publishing contributions from numerous local stand-up comedians of the time, it parodied a wide range of social, political and cultural topics in much the same manner as the better known publication The Onion, but with a predominantly local focus. The newspaper was founded by Ben Dryer, Michael Jerominski, Eugene Mirman and Brian Spinks. Edited by Bill Wasik, it featured contributions from such comedians as Brendon Small. Black "honor box" newsracks printed with its trademark "WW" logo could at one time be found throughout the Boston area.


The Weekly Week's format typically included a Front Page; Letters to the Editor; Horoscope; Police Log; Local, World, and National news sections; an Arts section; and assorted Local Culture sections and Advice or Opinion columns.

Recurring Features[edit]

Recurring features in the Weekly Week included the advice columns "Advice from a Pimp," "Financial Advice from the Deceased," and the horoscopes of "Max the Psychic"

List of Notable Headlines and Article Titles[edit]

  • "Student 'death' blamed on 'meta-amphetamines'"
  • "Boston starts Eurotrash recycling program"
  • "Q*bert attacks Charles Hotel"
  • "Good Will Hunting thrusts South Boston geniuses into public eye"
  • "Tensions build as Aztec presence grows"
  • "Local mad scientists want only acceptance, world domination"
  • "'I Can’t Believe It’s Not Birth Control' debuts"
  • "Where to make love and be seen"
  • "Snakes are everywhere!"
  • "Snakes NOT everywhere" - retraction two weeks later
  • "Self-Referencing Article References Self"
  • "Hamburger Helper, Not so helpful."

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