The White Horses

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The White Horses
Written by Hanns Wiedmann, Vladimir Carin, Gitta von Cetto
Directed by Hanns Wiedmann
Starring Helga Anders: Julia
Helmut Schneider: Dimitri
Franz Muxeneder: Hugo
Opening theme Ivo Robić instrumental version
Composer(s) Bojan Adamič
Country of origin  Germany
Original language(s) German
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Producer(s) Hirschfilm, München
Triglav Film, Ljubljana
Cinematography Günter Senftleben, Manfred Ensinger, Ivan Belec
Running time 25
Original run 12 September 1966 – 27 February 1967

The White Horses is a 1965 television series co-produced by RTV Ljubljana (now RTV Slovenija) of Yugoslavia[1] and German TV (Südwestfunk).


The story follows the adventures of a teenage girl Julia (played by Helga Anders) who leaves Belgrade to spend a holiday on a stud farm run by her Uncle Dimitri (played by Helmuth Schneider), where with the help of head groom Hugo (Franz Muxeneder), white Lipizzaner horses are raised.

In the first episode, stallion Boris is stolen by gypsies who dye his white coat brown so that no one will recognise him. Julia and Hugo set off to find Boris and upon his recovery an affinity is formed between girl and horse.


The series, called Počitnice v Lipici in Slovenian and Ferien in Lipizza ("Holidays in Lipica") in German, comprised thirteen 25-minute black and white episodes.

A dubbed version was broadcast in the United Kingdom from 1968, and repeated for many years afterwards (the dubbed soundtrack has since been lost). Although an off air audio recording of the English dub of episode thirteen, 'House Arrest For Othello', does exist.

Theme song[edit]

The theme song to the German version was played by Ivo Robić.

The UK theme song - written by Michael Carr and Ben Nisbet and later back dubbed onto all versions, was simply titled "White Horses", and credited to "Jacky" - was sung by Jackie Lee. It became a top 10 hit in the UK charts in April 1968. The book The Penguin Television Companion claimed it to be the best television theme in history.[2] It has been copied and used many times since, including:


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