The Who Channel

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The Who Channel
Sirius the who channel.png
Broadcast area United States
Frequency SIRIUS 29
Format Music from The Who
Class Satellite Radio Station
Owner SIRIUS Satellite Radio

The Who Channel plays music from The Who on SIRIUS Satellite Radio channel 29. The channel was a temporary replacement for The Bridge on channel 10 and started on September 21, 2006. On January 1, 2007, The Who Channel moved from channel 10 to channel 98 to replace Rolling Stones Radio.

On February 14 the channel was moved, once again, to SIRIUS Channel 29. On March 31, the Who Channel was discontinued from service. Channel 29 was taken over by Punk.

Rolling Stones Radio (2005-2006)[edit]

Rolling Stones Radio was a Rolling Stones music station. Channel was originally titled "Horizons" until September 29, 2005 when it was supposed to become The Globe, but became Rolling Stones Radio instead. On January 1, 2007, Rolling Stones Radio was replaced with The Who Channel. From March 18, 2008 to April 15, 2008, Rolling Stones Radio had a limited engagement on Super Shuffle, channel 12.

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