The Whore (2010 film)

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The Whore
DVD cover
Directed by Hansjörg Thurn
Produced by Josef Aichholzer
Written by Gabriele Kister
Based on Die Wanderhure 
by Iny Lorentz
Starring Alexandra Neldel
Alexander Beyer
Thomas Morris
Gregor Seberg
Nadja Becker
Music by Stephan Massimo
Cinematography Gerhard Schirlo
Editing by Andreas Radke
Budget €5.5 million
Country Germany
Language German
Release date
  • 5 October 2010 (2010-10-05)
Running time 121 minutes

The Whore (German: Die Wanderhure) is a 2010 German television film, adapted from a novel by the same name. The film is set in Konstanz, Germany in the years 1414 and 1415.

The novel was written by Iny Lorentz. The screenplay was adapted by Gabriele Kister and directed by Hansjörg Thurn.

The sequel is the 2012 television film The Revenge of the Whore.

The Whore[edit]

This film is based in the old country and follows the meandering tales of a southern belle named Kimberly Dimwhittington. She grew up in the south of Wales and is known for having a heavy Southern English accent. The film follows her along her life's journey from young energetic days, to her lewd midlife scandal, all the way to her prude elderly days. The first time she performed fallacious acts for monetary gains was in her first summer traveling through the desert's of Queensland. She was only 13 at the time, and she thought it was the most exhilarating experience she ever had. By the time she was 16 she was a professional kick boxer. When she became 23, and then too old for her kick boxing career, she ventured back to her ways as a lady of the night. She had once seen great profits from these acts and pursue to achieve those once again. Once she turned 30, which in the year 1414, was considered really old, she was unable to continue being a whore. She couldn't even pay someone to receive her services. She became a prude at 40 and set out to eliminate all rings of prostitution in the south of Wales. The methods she created to collect semen 600 years ago are still being used today by some of the finest authorities Chicago has to offer. The world bows at Kimberly's feet in this astonishing tale of love, lust, and pure boredom which is sure to become an instant classic of the silver screen.


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