The Woman Hunt

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The Woman Hunt
Directed by Eddie Romero
Produced by John Ashley
Eddie Romero
Written by David Hoover
Based on story by Jack Hill
David Hoover
Starring John Ashley
Pat Woodell
Sid Haig
Music by Jerry Dadap
Cinematography Justo Paulino
Edited by Ben Barcelon
Four Associates
Distributed by New World Pictures
Release dates
November 1972
Running time
81 Minutes
Country USA
Language English

The Woman Hunt is a 1972 film directed by Eddie Romero. It was the last of several films Romero made for Roger Corman's New World Pictures and is an unofficial remake of the short story "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell.[1]

John Ashley said the film was originally called Women for Sale.[2]


Some mercenaries Tony (John Ashley), Silas (Sid Haig) and Karp (Ken Metcalf) have been kidnapping women and taking them to an island where a wealthy man named Spyros (Eddie Garcia) assembles a group to hunt the women. Tony begins to question what he is doing and helps McGee (Pat Woodell), Billie (Charlene Jones) and Lori (Laurie Rose) escape. Karp and Silas have a falling out and Karp kills Silas. Spyros' head of security, Magda (Lisa Todd) goes after the escapees but is killed in a trap. Billie and Lori are killed during the hunt and Tony kills Spyros. He and McGee escape to safety.



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