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The Word is a New Zealand Christian radio network broadcasting continuous spoken Bible readings. It has been owned and operated in Auckland by Rhema Broadcasting Group since its formation in 2007. A pre-recorded, automated, uninterrupted programme of readings from The Bible Experience is relayed to stations in Hamilton, New Plymouth, Christchurch, Dunedin, Te Anau and Invercargill and is streamed online.[1]

In the North Island, the network broadcasts to Hamilton and the surrounding Waikato on 576 AM, and New Plymouth on 1278AM. In the South, it broadcasts to Invercargill and the surrounding Southland region on 1026 AM, Dunedin on 1377 AM, Christchurch on 540 AM, and Te Anau on 88.0 FM. Both stations carry the "Bible Radio 24/7" brand and the hand-painted "W" logo.[2]

The frequencies were originally acquired by Rhema Broadcasting Group (RBG) to be part of the Southern Star radio network. While RBG could broadcast the programmes outside Parliament sitting hours on the AM Network under a contract with Radio New Zealand, neither Hamilton nor Invercargill had an AM Network transmitter and frequency so RBG had to acquire its own. In 2007, when Radio New Zealand and the Parliament of New Zealand launched AM Networks in both centres, and RBG's airtime lease contract was extended to both of the new transmitters, the old Southern Star frequencies became available for RBG to put to new use as The Word network.[3]

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