The Work and the Story

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The Work and the Story
Directed by Nathan Smith Jones
Produced by Miriam Smith
Written by Nathan Smith Jones,
Dan Merkley
Starring Nathan Smith Jones,
Jen Hoskins,
Eric Artell,
Dan Merkley,
Richard Dutcher
Music by Big Idea Music
Distributed by Off-Hollywood Distribution
Release dates
Running time
77 min.
Language English
Budget $103,000

The Work and the Story is a comedic Mormon film written and directed by Nathan Smith Jones. The movie's title is a parody of The Work and the Glory


The film takes place just after the fictional disappearance of Richard Dutcher, famous for beginning the current Mormon movie phase with his work God's Army. After Dutcher's disappearance the film follows the journeys of three Mormon filmmakers who are eager to take his place. However, one of these filmmakers doesn't really want to see Dutcher found.


Richard Dutcher donated the 16mm film stock to make the movie. This is the same stock (three years-old) that God's Army was going to be shot on, had Dutcher not found the financing to shoot on 35mm.

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