The World Is Yours (Faith No More song)

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"The World Is Yours"
Song by Faith No More
Released November 24, 1998
Recorded Coast Recorders in Brilliant Studios, San Francisco, California 1992
Genre Experimental rock, alternative metal
Length 5:53
Label Slash Records
Producer Matt Wallace

"The World Is Yours" is an outtake from Angel Dust by Faith No More. The song was included on the Who Cares A Lot? bonus disc and on the re-release single of "I Started a Joke" in 1998.

The song originally had a demo name of "The Sample Song", likely due to the large number of samples in contained. One notable sample is from the recording of politician Budd Dwyer's suicide.

The song was performed only three times live (although some sources state it was part of their August–September-October South American/Japan tour setlist in 1991[1]), only prior to the album being released. The only other songs that were played prior to the Angel Dust's release were "Caffeine" and "RV". Mike Bordin has described the song in an interview about the three songs played live in 1991, "One was fairly slow, but extremely, you know, like a steam roller. Just, oh, bum you out and ruin your day".[2]