The World Peace Diet

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The World Peace Diet
Author Will Tuttle, PhD
Country United States
Language English
Genre Philosophy
Publisher Lantern Books
Publication date
July 1, 2005
Pages 318
ISBN 978-1-59056-083-9
OCLC 60373325
613.2 22
LC Class RA601 .T88 2005

The World Peace Diet (ISBN 978-1590560839) is a book by Will Tuttle, Ph.D.

Reviews and reception[edit]

The World Peace Diet has been reviewed in VegNews, in which Tuttle was said to "...lift the discussion of veganism to a higher level. He argues cogently for a spiritual component, one where the consequence of using and consuming animals, so ubiquitous in human society, affects us not only in ways that can be measured physically, but spiritually as well. He convincingly shows how science and patriarchical religions, so often at odds in Western Society, are both cut from the same cloth—one that reinforces the domination of women, animals and nature in order to further the interests of the ruling elite. Yet for all of the complexities of how we ended up where we are, Tuttle’s remedy of spiritual veganism is offered as the cure for what ails us."[1] The book was also reviewed in Whole Life Times,[2] Vegetarian Friends,[3] Dissident Voice,[4] World Prout Assembly,[5] and Natural Awakenings Healthy Living.[6] Tuttle was also interviewed in the publication "The Wildlife Watch Binocular".[7]

A reader of The World Peace Diet sent a copy of the book as a gift to the Dalai Lama, and received a supportive response.[8]

He has also been interviewed about the book on radio stations such as New Dimensions Radio,[9] 880 The Revolution: Ashville's Progressive Talk,[10] Windows to Wellness,[11] Free Range Thought,[12] Animal Voices,[13] and Global Talk Radio.[14]

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