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In the fictional world of The Librarian, a series of made-for-TV movies from TNT, there exists a secret society of Librarians who are the guardians of a wide range of magical and mythical relics.

About the Librarians[edit]

The Librarians are a fictional secret society that have existed as an order for centuries, and often undertake global-spanning adventures to recover items to keep them safe from people who would use them for evil purposes. The Librarians wish only to increase their knowledge, and use the relics for the betterment of mankind. They have been fighting a secret war with the Serpent Brotherhood since at least the fall of the library at Alexandria many centuries ago.

Librarians of note[edit]

There have been many librarians of note over the centuries, including;

  • The Scholar, The greatest Librarian of all, legend says that over two thousand years ago he built the Library and is the keeper of its secrets. He was known as Yahuda which is the Hebrew name for Judson.[1]
  • Eldred the Truly Wonderful, a historical Librarian who was considered great.
  • Unknown Male the only librarian to have a portrait hanging between Eldred and Edward.
  • Judson, he served as the Librarian and now is mentor to those who take up the mantle. Possibly the "Scholar," the original Librarian.
  • Edward Wilde, the previous Librarian before Flynn, he faked his own death to steal the Spear of Destiny.
  • Flynn Carsen, the current Librarian, a highly intelligent and resourceful adventurer.

Other Library Staff[edit]

  • Charlene, she works in the Library and may have been a bodyguard to a previous Librarian.
  • Nicole Noone, she works for the Library and serves as bodyguard to Librarians.

The Serpent Brotherhood[edit]

The Serpent Brotherhood were a splinter group of the Librarians, who separated off back when the Library was in Alexandria in ancient times. The Brotherhood wished to use the powers of the artifacts to rule the world, and this disagreement led to a secret war between the Librarians and the Brotherhood, who incited the riot that led to the destruction of the first Library (in Alexandria). The Brotherhood take their name from the serpent that brought knowledge to Adam and Eve.

About the Library[edit]

The 'Library' has existed at least since ancient times, and houses both magical and powerful relics. In ancient times the 'Library' was located in the Library of Alexandria, and is currently in the New York Public Library in New York City.

The library at Alexandria was destroyed when the Serpent Brotherhood incited a riot that destroyed it (sometime before the 8th Century). It has yet to be revealed where the 'Library' was housed between the 8th century and the 1890s when the New York Metropolitan Public Library was built.

The current 'Library' is housed in the Metropolitan Public Library which has a secret annex that stores all of the magical and powerful relics. The entrance to the annex is behind a hidden door disguised as a shelf of books. When Judson was first showing Flynn the entrance, he gave Flynn a clue as to how to open the door by quoting the lines "If we shadows have offended, think but this and all is mended", to which Flynn replied "That you have but slumber'd here, while these visions did appear", and immediately realised that the way to open the secret door was to pull on a copy of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", the romantic comedy by William Shakespeare. Behind the secret door is an elevator shaft which can only be accessed by two marines opening two locks simultaneously. When Flynn remarked that the double lock was the same as is used on bases with nuclear weapons, Judson verified this and said they copied it from the library.

In the catalogue[edit]

The collection of relics stored in the library includes:

Real Items Religious Items Magical Items Fictional Technology