The Wrap-Up Show

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The Wrap Up Show
The wrap up show logo.jpg
Genre Talk, comedy
Running time ~1 hour
Country United States United States
Home station SiriusXM Channels 100/101
Starring Jon Hein
Gary Dell'Abate
Air dates since January 9, 2006
Opening theme "Remedy" by The Black Crowes
Ending theme "Remedy" or
"Fuckin' in the Bushes" by Oasis

The Wrap-Up Show is a radio show that follows the day's live edition of The Howard Stern Show on Howard 100, an uncensored channel on Sirius XM Radio. Hosted by Jon Hein with Gary Dell'Abate, the show allows members of the show's staff and listeners to call in to discuss the day's show events, topics and discussions.

Because The Howard Stern Show is contractually allowed to broadcast a minimum of four hours on Sirius XM, there is no set time when the show ends, or effectively when The Wrap-Up Show begins. Regardless, The Wrap-Up Show always follows the main show and broadcasts for about an hour.

The show is also open for all show staff members to sit in and discuss topics being discussed.

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