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For the species, see Xindi (Star Trek).
"The Xindi"
Star Trek: Enterprise episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 1
Directed by Allan Kroeker
Written by Rick Berman
Brannon Braga
Featured music Dennis McCarthy
Production code 301
Original air date September 10, 2003 (2003-09-10)
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Expanse"
Next →
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"The Xindi" is the premiere episode of the third season of Star Trek: Enterprise, the fifty-third episode overall. The episode officially introduced the season's story arc in which the crew of Enterprise scour the Delphic Expanse to prevent the Xindi from destroying Earth (although some exposition was provided in the second season finale, "The Expanse").


As Enterprise travels deeper into the Expanse, a secret council of aliens discuss what to do with the lone human spaceship. Meanwhile, Captain Archer directs the Enterprise, based on information from a freighter captain "of questionable character," to a mining penal colony within the Expanse. He then strikes a deal with the mine's foreman, a man who is characterized as equally suspicious. In exchange for a half-liter of liquid platinum, Archer and Commander Tucker will be allowed to meet a Xindi-Humanoid worker named Kessick.

Archer requests the coordinates of the Xindi homeworld, Xindus, from him, but Kessick refuses to help the captain unless Archer helps him in leave the planet. Archer declines, but he soon learns that the foreman had ulterior motives in allowing him access to Kessick, since both the exit is locked and communications are disrupted. Unknown to Archer, the foreman has also recalled three warships to the planet in order gain both control of Enterprise, and to use the crew as slaves in the mine.

Kessick claims to know how to escape the mine, but asserts that he will only tell Archer if the captain agrees to allow him to escape on his ship. Archer reluctantly agrees, and Kessick leads him and Tucker through the mine's sewage removal system. However, the group is later detected in a conduit, and the foreman floods the system with plasma in an effort to kill them. They narrowly escape before being killed, but fall into the hands of the mine's security forces.

Meanwhile Sub-commander T'Pol determines that a rescue attempt must be made before the warships arrive. She persuades Lt. Reed to allow a team of the newly assigned MACOs (Military Assault Command Operations) to attempt an extraction. Led by him they perform remarkably well in combat, and manage to rescue Archer, Trip and the Xindi. Enterprise then leaves orbit just as the warships arrive. Unfortunately, Kessick who was injured in the firefight on the surface dies shortly thereafter. On his deathbed, however, Kessick imparts coordinates for the Xindi home-world. When the ship reaches this position, there is nothing but a field of debris, which they determine has been there for over a hundred years. Therein lies the dilemma: If the Xindi attacked Earth because they believe their planet is to be destroyed by humans 400 years into the future, how can it already have been destroyed some 80 years ago?


"The Xindi" was adapted as a novel in conjunction with the preceding episode, "The Expanse," by J.M. Dillard. Entitled The Expanse, the book was published by Pocket Books in trade paperback format in October 2003. These two episodes stand as the final televised Star Trek episodes to be novelized to date. Dillard's novel is notable for covering issues left untouched by the televised episode, such as explaining the rationale behind T'Pol's change of uniform.

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