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The Yorker
The Yorker
Media Type: Website
Launched: 2006
University: University of York
Online Daily during term time

The Yorker is a student-run website that provides news, features, comments, university and college sports, and reviews for the University of York. As a private limited company, The Yorker is the only independent media outlet on campus. During term time, the website receives on average about 10,000 hits a week.[1]

About the company[edit]

The Yorker provides a unique student experience as an independent student-run media outlet. Unlike student union affiliated University news outlets, the Yorker receives no funding support from the student union. The Yorker raises money through membership fees, advertisements and student organised events. In November 2010, the Yorker received support from York's local artists Littlemores, the Mountaineering Club and James Lawes to raise money for the company.[2][3][4]

The company is divided into three teams: Journalism, Technical, and Operational. The head of each branch is also a company director.

Editorial Director: Charlotte FitzGerald

Managing Director: Richard Layther

Marketing Director: Jane Fieldsend

Financial Director: Tom Leach

Nomination for the Guardian Media Awards[edit]

In 2007, within four months of launching, The Yorker was nominated at the Guardian Student Media Awards for Best Website. [5]


Media Charter[edit]

The Yorker has caused controversy due to its relationship with students' union YUSU. Rival publications Nouse and York Vision are societies and are funded by the Union, under the condition that the Union approves the printed version of the papers to avoid the Union being drawn into legal trouble by any libelous articles and to protect student welfare. Due to The Yorker's independence, it is not a signatory to this Charter, however previously enjoyed some of the privileges given by it (such as press passes to Union events).

Talks between YUSU and The Yorker regarding The Yorker entering the Media Charter broke down in October 2008, resulting in The Yorker being treated as external media by YUSU and losing some of the privileges it had previously enjoyed.[6] [7]

Nadeem Kunwar[edit]

The Yorker's editorial independence claims were brought into disrepute by commentators of news articles in 2008 after company director Nadeem Kunwar ran for students' union president, one of the most heavily reported events of the year. The Yorker's exit poll[8] placed Kunwar in the lead, whilst the final election results put Kunwar in last place.[9]


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