The Zula Patrol

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The Zula Patrol
The Zula Patrol
Genre Science
Created by Deb M. Manchester
Written by Cydne Clark
Nicole Dubuc
Simon Jowett
Directed by Brain Kindregan
Kent Butterwoth
Voices of Cam Clarke
Nancy Cartwright
B.J. Ward
Nika Futterman
Frank Welker
Kurt Kelly
Composer(s) Jeff Danna
Fletcher Beasley
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 52
Executive producer(s) Deb M. Manchester
Beth Hubbard
Margaret Loesch
Production company(s) The Hatchery
Zula USA
American Public Television
Marvista Entertainment
Original channel PBS (2005-2007)
Qubo (2007-present)
Original release September 5, 2005 (2005-September-05) – June 18, 2010 (2010-June-18)
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The Zula Patrol is an animated television series distributed by American Public Television to PBS stations in the United States. It is now also airing on Qubo and WGBX kids. Some adaptations of the Zula Patrol also include planetarium shows.

The series deals with science as the title characters travel to space in vignettes that teach viewers about space, our galaxy, and friendship. The science topics are based on earth and solar science.


The Zula Patrol[edit]

  • Bula (Cam Clarke) is the captain of the Zula Patrol. He thinks of himself as the mature leader of the force; however, even he often gets into trouble. His main catchphrase is "This is a job for the Zula Patrol!" In the first season, he constantly worries about his partner Zeeter, as she frequently gets into trouble. Some episodes, like "Bula's Spin Party", "Going through a Phase", and "Forget-me-Naut", focus on him because his antics sometimes go wrong. He and Zeeter recently started appearing in the Multo Moment in season three. He is green with bright red short hair on the top. In "Going through a Phase", he turns into a Zulean were mouse as a tradition to Zula due to him picking a Zulabane flower with blue petals around it that releases magical pollen. As he transforms again with the moon phases changing, he turns gray and gains the ears, nose, whiskers and tail of a mouse. As the moon becomes full, he becomes naked, furry and bigger with a red-orange belly.
  • Zeeter (Nancy Cartwright) is the Zula Patrol pilot with a buglike head and the only member of the group to have a belt and gloves. She believes that doing is the best way to learn, which often puts her at edge with Multo, who prefers to research before doing. Nevertheless she is still friends with him, despite his tendency to serve disgusting recipes. She has been Bula's best friend and sidekick for a long time, since they were in Zula Scouts (parody of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts). She is purple with light blue eyelids shown when she closes them or blinks. Sometimes she wears rocket boots for going in speed. When she takes off her glove, it's revealed that she has light blue fingernails.
  • Multo (Cam Clarke) is the scientist of the group, giving useful facts about things the Zula Patrol might need to complete their mission. Sometimes, he inadvertently causes some of the missions. He has a book called a Multopedia, which the team uses when they need an answer to their questions. Though often absent-minded, Multo is respected by everyone. Multo is also the host of the Multo Moment, where he reviews the subject covered in that episode, and is the announcer of several different events. While none of the episodes in the series focus on him, most adventures, like the Under The Weather film, mainly focus on his research. He also has a tendency to serve disgusting food that he likes but the others do not. He has a mentor-student relationship with Wizzy and Wigg, who host the Multo Moment with him. He is yellow with three eyes. The voice of Multo is a based on the voice of legendary comedian Ed Wynn.
  • Wizzy and Wigg (B.J. Ward and Nika Futterman) are the smallest Zula Patrollers with wings on their backs. They are twin brother and sister, and though they bicker like most siblings do, they are mainly inseparable. Wizzy has a blue body and is female, while Wigg has a purple one and is male. They also look like butterflies. Some episodes focus on them as they gather information to answer their questions. They are good friends with Multo despite his tendencies to serve them his recipes. In the new episodes, Multo compliments them with the catchphrase, "You're thinking like scientists!" Their names are a reference to the term WYSIWYG.
  • Gorga (Frank Welker) is the Zula Patrol's space pet. He was rescued by Bula, and has been his companion ever since. Though he acts like a dog, his nose has many functions like suction and video projection.

The villains[edit]

  • Dark Truder (Kurt Kelly) is the main antagonist. He often attempts to control space, but rarely succeeds. This is because he never takes the time to really sit down and look at his facts. In one episode they claim he has a soft spot, and he eventually is called a "big softie" in that episode. He also does a number of disguises including cross-dressing as Madame Luna. In the end of each episode he appears in, he has a really big mess and trouble which makes him look like how he would be able to get out of the really Bad situation. He's somehow similar to Dr. Robotnik from the old Sonic the Hedgehog TV series
  • Traxie (Nancy Cartwright) is Dark Truder's animate deep red toupee, who disapproves of his evil plans. She also comes in different styles and colors. She is sometimes placed on his head. Also, she has an uncle named Fred who appears at the end of "The Ins And Outs Of Planets" and throughout the episode "Me, Myself And Io" as one of the three judges along with his niece and Truder in Jupiter's moon talent show. Traxie is also nervous of Haircuts.
  • Deliria (Tress MacNeille) is the other main villain, primarily in the second and third season. She is the owner of a factory that makes trash into items, though half of the time, they are mainly defective. She litters throughout space, and also speeds, so she often gets a lot of tickets from the Zula Patrol. Her body is rubbery, allowing her to shape-shift, but she always ends up showing some part of her face when she does. Though none of the other Patrollers can tell her disguises, Zeeter can somewhat make out the shape.
  • Cloid (Dave Wittenberg) is Deliria's robot servant. He has a British accent and is a worry wart. Most of the time, he tries to share some of his knowledge of space with Deliria but she ignores him. Often when she needs to get away from the Zula Patrol, she lets Cloid take the blame. He also drives her space limo.

Space objects[edit]

  • The Planets are planets in the solar system, orbiting the Sun. There are 9 (the eight current and dwarf planet Pluto) who appear in most of the episodes. The Planets have faces, personalities, and certain voices and they love the Zula Patrol. However, they are only main characters in which they appear and talk in, such as "Bula's Spin Party", "The Outsider", "Small Is Beautiful", "A Tale of Two Planets", "Earth Hunt", "The Ins and Outs of Planets", "Club Mars", "Young at Heart", and "Case of the Missing Rings". Mercury (god of travel) has a little dark brownish color. Venus (goddess of love) talks with a Mid-Atlantic accent. Our planet Earth appears in "Family Feud" where she initially is sadly dried up because of the hydrogen and oxygen elements split up, but at the end as they're together again, she is happily restored with all the water. Mars (god of war) punishes Dark Truder and Traxie by blowing them away with his sandy wind for insulting him as "second-rate". The biggest planet Jupiter (king of the gods) makes a close-up cameo appearance in the beginning of "Family Feud". Saturn (god of agriculture, farming and harvest) has his rings that hover around him when he turns. Uranus (god of old age) is much more like a cool guy because of him wearing a black beret. Neptune (god of the sea) is a little sad his rings are gone in the episode "Case of the Missing Rings". Pluto (god of the dead) has a moon sidekick named Charon who has a feminine face and a kind personality. In the episode called "The Outsider", she tries to cheer him up as he is insulted by some other planets.
  • The Stars appear in different colors. Some are feminine and some are masculine. Polaris is a yellow star who talks with a British accent. She only appears in "Night of the Fweeebs". The Sun, who is our light source, has a feminine face. When the Black Hole talks, she has an echoey voice. Protie appears in the Zula Patrol's filmstrip and is initially a protostar until she becomes a grown up star with a glowing aqua color. Byron, Buck Starburst and all the other protostars are asked to become grown up stars of the same color to power up the Zulean ship.
  • The Moon: This character is also known as our planet's moon, which is also Earth's moon. In "Three-Ringed Gorga", he is kidnapped in a big net, but then decides to escape the circus with Gorga to go on free adventures.
  • The Other Planets' Moons: Besides our planet's moon, there are all the other moons in the universe. Some have been named Phobos, Deimos, Europa, Io and Titan. Titan is completely red and talks with an Irish accent. Io is the most colorful of Jupiter's moons and she has a perfect talent in singing.
  • The Comets appear in different episodes. Conrad only appears in "A Comet Tale" where he meets Zeeter, Wizzy and Wigg. Carlos only appears in "The Milky-Way Galaxy Games" meeting them and the rest of the Zula Patrol.

Other supporting characters[edit]

  • The Zlorg Family and their blue-&-green pet Gloop are the giant characters of the series. This entire family appears in some episodes. They also have a vehicle of their own size and they all are bigger than the Zula Patrol, Dark Truder, Traxie and all the other aliens. In the episode called "Blubglub", only Chester and Lilly appear in the water fun park. They have a father named Charles and a mother named Madge who wears a purple beaded necklace.
  • The Clouds appear in a couple of episodes. Cumulus is a white masculine cloud with a western accent. Stratus is a little gray masculine one with a cool agent's dialect. Cumulonimbus is a dark gray feminine cloud with a British accent and Cirrus is a light gray feminine one with a French accent.
  • Testy and Beakini are Multo's talking glass containers. They have faces, arms and legs. Testy is a test tube and he sometimes says wrong answers to Multo's questions. Beakini is a round-bottom flask and she has a little Japanese accent.
  • Voop is a Zulean volcano with a feminine face. With her spout, she releases white steam.
  • Wilson is a giant space worm who lives in a colorful wormhole. He is really kind to the Zula Patrol.
  • Iris Bloodshot is a pink mouthless alien with a single giant blue eyeball and tiny tentacles. In several episodes she appears to have a crush on Bula, calling him 'darling' out of the rest of the patrollers.
  • Buzzy is a ferret who is friends with the Zula Patrol. With his translator collar on, he can speak human. He appears in two episodes titled "Take Me To Your Ferret" and "You're Cramping My Space".
  • The Polkadotians only appear in the episode called "What Goes Up Must Come Down". They live in a planet called Polkadotia, which is smaller than Zula, which is heavy for them when they're in it. Moeb is the blue one with a language-switching nose that looks like a pig's nose. Larmee is the purple one with a pink suit and Quilee is the green one with chicken legs and yellow polka dots. They may be a reference to The Three Stooges, whose names were Moe, Larry, and Curly. Also, Quilee makes one of Curly's signature sounds.
  • Professor Autofocus is a close friend of the Zula Patrol and one of Multo's many friends. He owns a telescope museum in Zulaopolis, and in the episode "Telescooped!" he calls the Zula Patrol to help him find his telescope, along with the others that went missing. He only appears during that episode.
  • Francis (nicknamed Frankie) is a talking flashlight who only appears in "Wigg and Wizzy Light the Way". His face is made of light when turned on.
  • The Chromilians live in the Rainbow Village. One of them is named Roy G. Biv and another is named Ray N. Beau. He wears a horizontal rainbow shirt and the current owner of the Rainbow Inn. All the Chromilians have feelings depending on a color like yellow for happiness and blue for sadness.
  • Professor Precipito is a professor who lives in the Zulean Mountains where there is a lot of snow and is a good friend of Multo's. She calls him "little sprinkle" because he likes his donuts with little candy sprinkles. She speaks with a Scottish accent.
  • Flo is a silent Zulean flower with a petal base shaped like a heart and colored baby blue. She has a purple body with blue petals around the petal base. When she gets out of the soil, she walks on two feet and when she drinks water, she doubles herself up.
  • Dr. Paramecium is a citizen of Itty-bittyopolis who looks like Multo only with little dots. He works as a scientist.
  • Long John Jupiter is a pirate, an alien parody of Long John Silver. He first appeared on a treasure map.
  • The Water Atoms: The Hydrogen Atoms in this show are light blue and all their names start with "H". The Oxygen Atoms are red and the only one whose named is revealed is Ollie whose mother is Ma Oxygen. All these atoms have a Southern American accent, but the difference is there are more hydrogens than oxygens.
  • The Wind Siblings are named Breezy, Gusty and Gale. Unlike her brothers, she's the most gentle even though they bully her, but later the behavior of the brothers changed.
  • Beethoven is a beetle whose helmet looks like human hair. He is named after the classical composer Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • Wilhemina is a talkative flower with purple and pink petals. She is part of the Zulean garden.
  • Chip is a talkative glacier who prefers cold places.
  • Ziggy is a yellow lizard with a Cockney accent. He has a sister whom he mentions and has a nephew and niece named Drew and Sue who later hatch from their eggs.


# List of Episodes Release Date
1 A Comet's Tale/This Looks Like a Job for the Zula Dudes September 5, 2005
2 The Probe Who Came to Dinner/Forget-Me-Naut September 13, 2005
3 Small Is Beautiful/The Case of the Missing Rings September 27, 2005
4 Giant Litterbugs from Space/RV of the Giants October 18, 2005
5 Star Crossed/Night of the Fweebs November 23, 2005
6 Matter, Matter Everywhere/Family Feud November 4, 2005
7 Round and Round We Go/The Go'er Slower Motion December 9, 2005
8 Club Mars/The Outsider December 26, 2005
9 Blue Moon/Going Through a Phase December 27, 2005
10 Fly Us to the Moon/Castaway Asteroid December 27, 2005
11 Blubgub/Power Flower December 28, 2005
12 The Things in Rings/How the Rust Was Won June 9, 2006
13 Dueling Space Stations/Don't Look Now November 7, 2006
14 Wigg and Wizzy Light the Way/Look to the Rainbow February 5, 2006
15 Rock and Patrol/Support Your Neighborhood Volcano December 5, 2006
16 Hide 'n Seek on Jupiter/A Tale of Two Planets December 12, 2006
17 The Sound of Multo/Eyes in the Skies March 30, 2007
18 Birds of a Feather/Bula's Heroes: The Great Camouflage Caper April 10, 2007
19 Blast to Earth's Past/The Great Climb June 5, 2007
20 If It Looks Like a Plant/Splitsville July 5, 2007
21 Larva or Leave Me/Egg Hunt November 6, 2007
22 Hey Kids! Amazing Space Monkeys/The Blorp January 11, 2008
23 The Missing Elements/Journey to the Center of Gorga February 11, 2008
24 Choosing Sides/Camp Worm April 4, 2008
25 There Goes the Neighborhood June 16, 2008
26 The Great River Race/When You Wish Upon a Sea Star June 27, 2008
27 The Show Must Float On/The Truder Crown Affair July 14, 2008
28 Mine Shaft July 15, 2008
29 Hey Kids, Amazing Space Monkeys! August 30, 2008
30 Chili Cook-Off/Treasure in the Clouds September 8, 2008
30 Creature Features October 14, 2008
31 Dog Gone Gorga/The Milky Way Galaxy Games October 15, 2008
32 Down Under December 20, 2008
33 Ice Station Zula February 8, 2009
34 Me, Myself and Io April 21, 2009
35 Mine Shaft/The Crystal Cavern May 29, 2009
36 Round and Round We Go December 15, 2005
37 Shadow Play/The Jealous Moon September 18, 2005
38 Spin Control: The Venus Effect/Crater Raters: Journey to Mercury June 3, 2008
39 Sun Day/Time Out September 27, 2009
40 The Big Mess/Telescooped December 26, 2005
41 The Ins and Outs of Planets/Young at Heart December 18, 2005
42 The Lizard Who Came to Dinner/Island of the Endotherms June 17, 2008
43 Three Ring Gorga/Moon Mayhem February 12, 2006
44 Vanishing Cream/There Goes the Neighborhood June 5, 2008
45 Villain of the Year/One Is the Lonliest Number June 18, 2008
46 Where Did All the Water Go?/The Dew Drops January 16, 2010


2006: Nominated Annie Award for best music in an Animated Television Production: Jeff Danna, For episode "Case of the Missing Rings".

Voice cast[edit]

Character Actor/actress
Announcer, Bula, Multo, Saturn, Pluto, additional voices Cam Clarke
Dark Truder, Testy, Jupiter, additional voices Kurt Kelly
Zeeter, Traxie, additional voices Nancy Cartwright
Wizzy B.J. Ward
Wigg, Iris Bloodshot, Venus, Beakini, additional voices Nika Futterman
Beakini, Deleria, additional voices Tress MacNeille
Gorga, additional voices Frank Welker
Earth, Sun, Black Hole, additional voices Catherine Thompson
Cloid, Buzzy, additional voices Dave Wittenberg
Katie Abby Pollock
Additional voices Jeff Bennett
Rob Paulsen
Tom Kenny
Keith Ferguson
Scott McNeil
Lenore Zann
Tim Whitnall
Neil Crone
Ron Rubin

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