Family of Merlin of Xanth

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For more characters of the Xanth series by Piers Anthony, see List of Xanth characters.

Merlin was the first king of Xanth.

Merlin Tapis
Roogna Taplin Jonathan Millie
Desiree Hiatus Lacuna Vernon
Piper Tittle Jot Ryver Cube
Note:Yellow boxes indicate Magician-level talents.


She is the daughter of Merlin and Tapis and wife of Roogna. She was supposed to go into an enchanted sleep, but due to a curse by Murphy, Electra took her place. She then wed Roogna.


She is the wife of Jonathan and mother of Hiatus and Lacuna.

Millie's talent is sex appeal. Millie The Maid was a girl who lived 800 years ago. She was murdered by (Neo-)Sorceress Vadne who was jealous of her relationship with the Zombie Master, Jonathan. Millie and Jonathan had fallen in love and Vadne hated them for it because Vadne loved Jonathan. Vadne, in turn, transformed Millie into a book which killed her. For her actions and refusal to restore Millie, Vadne was sentenced to Brain Coral storage; Magician Murphy later joined her there and when they awoke during the Time of no Magic, they married each other. The Zombie Master hanged himself because he couldn't live without Millie but because of his own talent, was reanimated as a zombie. 800 years later, Millie was a ghost living in Castle Roogna when Evil Magician Trent (Later King Trent), Chameleon, and Bink arrived at the castle. After Trent became King of Xanth, he repopulated the castle and let the ghosts stay around. Later, Queen Iris of Illusion set up a search for Millie's remains to bring her back to life with the winner winning a date with her. Bink accidentally stumbled upon the book in the library, thanks to his talent's attempt to give him the date as he was unhappy with his wife Chameleon at the time. He didn't really want anyone else but Chameleon but his talent misinterpreted things and aided in bringing Millie back from the dead. When Bink's son Dor was brought by the stork, Millie became his nursemaid and took care of him while his parents were away on missions for the king. Eventually Dor developed a crush on Millie, because of her talent of sex appeal, and volunteered to help bring her true love, Jonathan The Zombie, back to life by going 800 years into the past to inquire about it with The Zombie Master. Only after retrieving the potion to restore a zombie from 800 years in the past did Dor put it together that Jonathan was actually The Zombie Master, whom he had met 800 years in the past. Millie and Jonathan eventually moved into Good Magician Humfrey's castle because it turned out that the old castle Humfrey had taken up residence in was actually the Zombie Master's abandoned one. They eventually moved into another castle when the stork delivered Hugo to Humfrey and the Gorgon. Millie has two children, Lacuna and Hiatus. Millie was introduced in the book, A Spell for Chameleon.


He is the son of Jonathan and Millie, husband of Deseree, and father of Piper. His talent is to make eyes and ears appear anywhere. He is introduced in Centaur Aisle.


She is a tree nymph who married Hiatus. Their daughter is Piper.


She is the daughter of Hiatus and Desiree. Her talent is to heal minor injuries of others.


She is the daughter of Jonathan and Millie; wife of Vernon; and mother of Ryver, Jot, and Tittle. Her talent is to make print appear anywhere; she can also alter the content of existing print, as seen in Centaur Aisle. She helps the good magician while he is in hell by reprinting his past. She is introduced in Centaur Aisle and also appears in Question Quest.


Introduced in Question Quest, Vernon became the husband of Lacuna and father of Ryver, Jot, and Tittle when Lacuna altered her own past to make it so she agreed to marry him when he first asked. His talent is to induce the feeling of vertigo.


He is the retroactive son of Lacuna and Vernon. He is engaged to Cube and working at the entrance of Counter Xanth. He was introduced in Question Quest and appeared in Cube Route and Currant Events.


Her real name is Cue, but because of her homely appearance she was called Cube. She found the entrance to Counter Xanth. She is currently engaged to Ryver. She was introduced in Cube Route and appears again in Currant Events.


Jot is introduced in Question Quest, originally as a disguise for Demon X(A/N)th (along with her brother Tittle), but becomes the retroactive daughter of Lacuna and Vernon when Lacuna alters her past.


Tittle is introduced in Question Quest, originally as a disguise for Demon X(A/N)th (along with his sister Jot), but becomes the retroactive son of Lacuna and Vernon when Lacuna alters her past.