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Front cover from February 5, 1996

TheaterWeek was a favorite magazine among theater artists and theater lovers. It covered Broadway, off-Broadway, regional, and educational theater with articles theat included profiles of actors, directors, designers and behind the scenes looks at particular shows. John Harris edited the magazine during its heyday, and such columnists as Peter Filichia, Alexis Greene, Ken Mandelbaum, Charles Marowitz, Davi Napoleon and Michael Riedel were featured.

The magazine was said to falter from financial mismanagement when after more than 20 years of publishing, it folded.

WorldCat refers to TheaterWeek as follows and maintains a list of libraries where this publication is on file:

Type: Journal, magazine : Periodical; English Publisher: NYC, i.e. New York, NY : That New Magazine, Inc., 1987-1996. ISSN: 0896-1956 OCLC: 16987637

Other magazines, such as InTheater, and contemporary internet publications, such as and, were influenced by TheaterWeek and used some of the same writers.

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