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Theatre Tulsa, Inc. is a community theatre company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. It is the oldest continuously operating company of its sort west of the Mississippi River and the seventh oldest in the nation.

The company was started in 1922 by Mrs. Paul Reed and Mrs. W. R. Holway under the name of Tulsa Little Theater (TLT). Unlike many community theaters, Theatre Tulsa managed to remain active during the entire duration of the Depression and even became the first community theater in America to produce Our Town by Thornton Wilder in 1939. In 1942 the company put on the first of many wartime performances at several Army bases and military hospitals. In 1947 TLT was the first community theatre company to produce All My Sons by Arthur Miller. In 1974 TLT changed its name to Theatre Tulsa, Inc. Theatre Tulsa remains active today producing five or six productions a year that include modern and classic dramas, comedies, and musicals.[1]


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