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Origin Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Post-hardcore
Years active 2003 – 2007
Labels Immortal Records
Members Scott Rainone: Vocals
Jens Madsen: Guitar
Chris Colon: Guitar
Paul Madsen: Bass
Past members Dustin Packer, Graham Jones, Jeremy Vautour, Charles Furney, Kevin Moore, Tim (timsa) Morgan, Thomas Karanasos

Thebleedingalarm is a band originally from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada which formed in the summer of 2003. They disbanded in the summer of 2008.


Thebleedingalarm, based out of Kelowna, British Columbia, quickly became a favourite band in the local music scene[citation needed], often playing with contemporaries Stutterfly and Cry of the Afflicted.

The band released their first full-length album, Beauty in Destruction in 2005, and were soon after signed by Immortal Records.

After the first release of 'Beauty in Destruction', the band frequently toured throughout Western Canada until March 2006, when TheBleedingAlarm was invited to play Austin Texas' SouthbySouthwest Festival. Following SouthbySouthwest, TheBleedingAlarm was set to tour with band 'Six'. The tour started in Laguna Beach California, and was set to end in North Carolina. During the beginning of the Tour Six dropped off and left TheBleedingAlarm to headline the rest of the dates.

In April 2006 after a series of disagreements during the band's first American tour, TheBleedingAlarm had a band meeting in which they addressed singer Charles Furney's inconsistent singing. Charles had already been talking with good friend Jordan Chase to start the band Secret and Whisper. The meeting reportedly ended well, but the next morning Furney told the band he was hopping on a bus home, feeling that he had been mistreated.

Later that afternoon Jens, Kevin, Paul and Thomas parted ways with Charles. With the band deciding to end their tour and drive to New Jersey, and Charles heading back to Kelowna.

Once the band arrived in New Jersey they quickly recruited their friend, singer Scott Rainone from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Rainone was still in High School but was encouraged from both friends and teachers alike to pursue this endeavour. Scott Flew out to New Jersey to meet up with the band and start rehearsing. The other members were very happy with Rainone, and they quickly got on to a cross-Canada tour with Warcon Enterprises artist Adair. The tour started in Vancouver British Columbia and ended in Windsor Ontario.

The band was very excited about their new singer, and decided to make Scott their permanent replacement for Charles.

Beauty In Destruction was re-released on June 13, 2006 to mainly positive reviews[citation needed]. The re-released album only receiving changes to its artwork. The band held their CD release party in New Jersey at the legendary 'Vintage Vinyl' Record Store. Later that night while meeting with the band and their Manager Sylvia Cunha, Drummer Thomas Karanasos unexpectedly stated that he would be quitting the band due to personal reasons.

After Thomas' departure, friend Ryan Miller filled in on drums for the band for 2 shows in New Jersey, before being replaced by Kenrick Joshua Jr.

Soon after Williams joined TheBleedingAlarm they appeared twice on the 2006 Vans Warped Tour, playing in Vancouver and Calgary.

In August 2006, TBA shot a video in Kamloops British Columbia for their Single 'Sorrow's The Seas of my Heart'. The video was then put on Fuse On-demand, and has received a small amount of rotation on Canada's 'Much Music'.

After completing one tour Kenrick Joshua Jr. left the group.

This brought in long time friend, drummer Tim Morgan. Tim was asked to join the band in his first semester of the 12th grade. Tim agreed, and completed his high school diploma while on tour.

TheBleedingAlarm was now made up of Jens Madsen(Lead Guitar), Scott Rainon(Vocals), Kevin Moore(Rhythm Guitar), Paul Madsen(Bass) and Tim Morgan(Drums). They toured through the fall of 2006 and stopped for the year in early December. It was during this break that Rhythm Guitarist Kevin Moore decided that he would be quiting the band. Rumors began to circulate that TheBleedingAlarm had broken up, but quickly ceased with the addition of guitarist Chris Colon. The band rehearsed extensively with Colon, and in February 2007 began touring with fellow Immortal Records band A Change of Pace and Tooth and Nail Recording Artist The Classic Crime.

The band has seen numerous member changes throughout its lifetime, with Jens Madsen being the only remaining original member.

Having not toured since April 2008, thebleedingalarm has gone on indefinite hiatus.


  • Scott Rainone - Vocals
  • Jens Madsen - Guitar
  • Chris Colon - Guitar
  • Paul Madsen - Bass


Beauty in Destruction (Immortal Records, 2005)

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