Thedi Vandha Lakshmi

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Thedi Vanda Lakshmi
Directed by G.R. Nathan
Produced by Modern Theatres Ltd.
Written by S.V. Jagadesan, K. Devrajan
Starring Jaishankar
R.S. Manohar
Major Sundarrajan
Music by M.S.Sanjay
Release dates
Language Tamil

Thedi Vanda Lakshmi is a Tamil film from the house of Modern Theatres released in 1973.[1]


Lakshmi’s (Lakshmi) brother Rathnam is murdered and cops interrogate her about 2 million Rupees which the murdered man has looted. A shocked and dismayed Lakshmi is pounded on one side by the accomplices of Ratnam and on another by the cops pressuring her to return the stolen booty to them.

While lakshmi doesn't know anything about the money seeks solace in the arms of Ramesh (Jaishankar). The lovers join forces to find the missing stash of cash and prove her innocence.