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This article is about George Balanchine's 1947 ballet. For Balanchine's 1966 ballet, see Variations (ballet). For Balanchine's 1982 revision of that ballet, see Variations for Orchestra (Balanchine). For the musical form, see Variation (music). For other uses, see Variation.

Theme and Variations is a ballet by George Balanchine to the final movement of Tschaikovsky's Suite No. 3 for Orchestra in G major, Op. 55 (1884). The premiere took place November 26, 1947, with Ballet Theatre (shortly thereafter renamed American Ballet Theatre) at City Center of Music and Drama. Theme and Variations was conceived specially for Alicia Alonso and Youskevitch. The City Ballet premiere occurred February 5, 1960, again at City Center. It was incorporated by Balanchine into his later Tschaikovsky Suite No. 3 as its fourth (and final) movement, now titled Tema con variazioni. Theme and Variations is still danced independently of the other three movements of Tschaikovsky Suite No. 3 by NYCB as well as other companies.



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