Theobald I, Count of Bar

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Theobald I, Count of Bar
Spouse(s) Laurette of Loon (de Looz)
Ermesinde of Bar-sur-Seine
Ermesinde of Namur
Noble family House of Montbéliard
Father Reginald II of Bar
Mother Agnès of Champagne
Born c. 1158
Died 13 February 1214(1214-02-13)

Theobald I (c. 1158 – 13 February 1214) was the count of Bar from 1190 until his death, and a count of Luxemburg from 1197 until his death. He was the son of Reginald II of Bar and his wife Agnès de Champagne. He accompanied his elder brother Henry I on the Third Crusade, and succeed as count when Henry was killed in the Siege of Acre.


Theobald I was married three times; to Laurette of Loon (de Looz), Ermesinde (Isabella) of Bar-sur-Seine, and to Ermesinde (Ermesinda) of Namur. He was succeeded as count by his eldest son Henry II, by his second marriage. His eldest daughter Agnes, from his first marriage, married Frederick II, Duke of Lorraine. His lands in Luxembourg reverted to Waleran III of Limburg, who married Theobald's widow Ermesinde of Namur.