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Theodore Tyro.jpg
Gender Male
Word/Name Greek
Meaning "God's Gift"
Other names
Related names Theodora, Dorothy

Theodore is an English masculine given name. It comes from the Greek name Θεόδωρος (Theodōros) meaning "God's gift" (from the Greek words Θεός, (theos) "God" and δώρον (dōron) "gift").[1] The name was popular among early Christians and was borne by several saints.

Cognates: in Armenia, Thoros (Թորոս). In Georgian, Theodore (თევდორე). In French, Théodore. In German, Theodor. In Dutch, Theodoor. In Latin, Theodorus. In Hungarian, Teodor. In Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, Teodoro. In Russian, Fyodor (Фёдор) . In Bulgarian, Todor (Тодор) and Teodor (Теодор). In Romanian, Tudor (which is also a surname) and Teodor. In Irish, Téodóir. In Lithuanian, Teodoras. In Estonian, Tuudor. In Esperanto, Teodoro. In Latvian, Teodors. In Czech, Norwegian, Polish, Serbian, Catalan, Bulgarian and Slovene, Teodor (Теодор). In Japanese, Seodoa (セオドア). In Serbian, Teodor (Теодор), Todor (Тодор) and Božidar (Божидар). In Croatian, Teodor and Božidar. In Sicilian, Teodoru. In the Scandinavian languages, Theodor. In Finnish, Teuvo.

Short forms: in English, Theo, Ted, Teddy. In Georgian, Tedo (თედო). In Russian, Fedya (Федя). In Bulgarian, Toshko (Тошко) or Tosho (Тошо). In the Scandinavian languages, Teo or Theo. In Greek, Theodoros (Θεόδωρος), Thodoros (Θόδωρος), Thodoris (Θοδωρής), Thodorakis (Θοδωράκης) and Doros (Δώρος).

The given names Jonathan, Nathanael, Matthew, Bogdan (or Bohdan), Ataullah, Danish, Adeodatus and Devadatta have similar meanings. The feminine form of Theodore is Theodora. The name Dorothy is derived from the same two Greek roots, in reverse order. Godiva is from an Anglo-Saxon version of "gift of God".

Notable people named Theodore[edit]

Fedor / Feodor / Fyodor[edit]

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Tawadros / Tewadros[edit]

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