Theodore Roosevelt High School (Gary)

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Theodore Roosevelt High School
Theodore Roosevelt High School crest.PNG
730 West 25th Avenue
Gary, Indiana, 46407
Coordinates 41°34′27″N 87°20′43″W / 41.5742°N 87.3454°W / 41.5742; -87.3454Coordinates: 41°34′27″N 87°20′43″W / 41.5742°N 87.3454°W / 41.5742; -87.3454
Type Public
Established 1921
Principal Lloyd Booth
Faculty 130 (approximate)
Enrollment 1600 (approximate)
Color(s) Black & Gold
Team name Panthers
Eastern side

Theodore Roosevelt High School is a four year (9-12) public high school of the Gary Community School Corporation in Gary, Indiana, United States. It is located in the Midtown neighborhood.


Theodore Roosevelt High School was named after Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth President of the United States.

Roosevelt High School began with a very few students who attended school in a one-room frame structure erected in 1908 at Twelfth Avenue and Massachusetts Street.

Mr. Everett D. Simpson was the first teacher employed. At that time there was another school at Fourteenth Avenue and Connecticut Street. In 1912, the pupils of these two centers were moved into the new Froebel School at Fifteenth and Madison Street.

To meet the new demands of the growing Gary population, a school for primary children was opened at Twenty-first Avenue and Adams Street in 1915. To this center, Mrs. Elizabeth Lytle and a group of primary children were transferred from Froebel School. The next year three additional teachers were employed.

In 1921, the school was moved to the present site on Twenty-fifth Avenue and Harrison Street. Mr. Z. D. Lenoir was appointed Principal. This school was called Roosevelt Annex. There was another school, Roosevelt, on the front of the same site at this time. This school was housed in a group of portable structures, and Mr. James Stanley was the Principal. Both schools had been named for Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth president of the United States.

In 1923, Mr. Lenoir resigned and Mr. Stanley became principal of the two schools. Mr. Everett D. Simpson became the assistant principal in charge of Roosevelt Annex. The East building of the present group of brick structures was built in 1923, and the West building was built in 1926.

In February 1925, during the administration of Mr. Stanley, the first year of high school was added with an enrollment of nineteen. Mr. F. C. McFarlane became assistant principal of Roosevelt Annex in 1927. He was made principal in 1929.

In 1930, Roosevelt Annex, now officially named Roosevelt School, became a commissioned high school and granted its first diploma in June of that year. Roosevelt was admitted to the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges in 1931.

In 1933 Mr. McFarlane resigned the principalship of Roosevelt. In August of the same year, the high school section of Pulaski was united with Roosevelt, and Mr. H. Theo Tatum, who had been principal of East Pulaski School became principal of the combined unit.

Mr. H. Theo Tatum retired in 1961 and was succeeded as principal by Mr. Warren Anderson, who served until July 1970. Beginning in the fall of 1970, Mr. Robert E. Jones became principal. He served until 1990. Mr. David Williams served from 1990-1992 as head principal. Mr. William Reese, Jr. served as head principal from 1992 until the fall of 1997. The next principal, Mr. Edward B. Lumpkin, Sr., began his job as head principal in 1997. Mr. Lumpkin retired from this position on June 30, 1999. Mr. Marion Williams began his term as principal during the 1998-99. Mrs. Charlotte Wright is currently Principal of Roosevelt High School.

In the 1950s, a group of Roosevelt High students formed the singing group the Spaniels. The group signed with Vee-Jay records and had several hit records. Their most famous record being "Goodnight Sweetheart".

In the mid-1960s, The Jackson 5 (Jackie, Marlon, Michael, Jermaine and Tito Jackson) performed at one of their first talent shows in the high school auditorium. They sang "My Girl" by the Motown group the Temptations. The Jackson Five went on to become a chart-topping act for many years. Michael Jackson (1958–2009) became a world-wide entertainment phenom and was known as the King of Pop until his untimely death.

Roosevelt High School remains the first and only school built exclusively for the African-American community in the city of Gary.

Effective at the beginning of 2012-2013 school year, the Indiana Department of Education, under the authority of Public Law 221, took control of Roosevelt High School away from the Gary Community School Corporation due to substandard academic performance. The state contracted with EdisonLearning, a Tennessee based for-profit company, to operate the school for the next four school years. Edison renamed the school Theodore Roosevelt College & Career Academy. [1]

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