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Theodore Thomson Flynn (11 October 1883 - 23 October 1968) was an Australian biologist and a professor in both Tasmania and the United Kingdom. He was the father of Errol Flynn.

He was born in Coraki, New South Wales, Australia, the son of Jessie B. (née Thomson) and John Flynn,[1] and died in Liss, Hampshire, England. He became a biology lecturer at the University of Tasmania in 1909, becoming professor in 1911 and teaching there until 1930.[2]

Flynn then relocated to Northern Ireland where he served as the Chair of Zoology at Queen's University of Belfast from 1931-1948. After the Belfast Blitz Flynn was the Chief Casualty Officer for the city.[3] He was the father of the actor Errol Flynn, and indeed named one new species that he discovered - Gibbonsia erroli - after his son.

There is now a new biography TT Flynn - Not Just Errol's Father [4]


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