Theophilos Erotikos (10th century)

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For the 11th-century Byzantine governor of Cyprus and rebel, see Theophilos Erotikos.

Theophilos Erotikos (Greek: Θεόφιλος Ἐρωτικός, fl. 940s) was a 10th-century Byzantine scholar and official. Under Romanos I Lekapenos (r. 920–944), he served as Eparch of Constantinople and teacher of geometry at the University of Constantinople. On the assumption of sole rule by Constantine VII (r. 919–959) in 945, he was promoted to the rank of patrikios and appointed to the senior legal office of quaestor. He was generally recognized as an excellent jurist and administrator. The date of his death is unknown, however he is mentioned as being dead in a law of Romanos II (r. 959–963).


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