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Theophilus (Gottlieb) Siegfried Bayer(1694–1738), was a German classical scholar with specialization in Sinology.[1] He was a Sinologist and professor of Greek and Roman Antiquities at St Petersburg Academy of Sciences between 1726 and 1737.[2]

Personal details[edit]

Bayer was a native of Königsberg, East Prussia. He was a Rector of the Königsberg Cathedral from 1721 to 1726.[2] He also worked as a librarian at the Königsberg Public Library.[1]

Bayer collection[edit]

It appears, he had his own library with huge collection of manuscripts, Chinese, and other Oriental books. His collection in his library had more than 200 books and manuscripts including:

The library was later sold, apparently after his death in Saint Petersburg, by his widow wife to a Lutheran pastor in London, Heinrich Walter Gerdes. William Hunter later purchased those collection from Mrs.Gerdes. These collections finally reached University of Glasgow in 1807 with a brief stay in London at Dr Matthew Baillie, nephew of William Hunter.[3][4]

His works[edit]

  • Historia regni Graecorum bactriani [A History of the Kingdom of the Bactrian Greeks].[5]
  • Manuscript in Latin and Chinese.[6]
  • De Eclipsi Sinica published in 1718.[1]
  • Museum sinicum, a two-volume, compendium of materials on the Chinese language published in 1730.[7][8]


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